Copy of Nextcloud richdocuments app, but with modifications so all traffic goes over clearnet/CJDNS/Tor/I2P/whatever instead of having a single default hostname.
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Collabora Online

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A Nextcloud app integrating Collabora Online into your Nextcloud!



You will need an working Collabora Online server to connect to. Find out more about Nextcloud and Collabora Online, and how to setup an server here:

Nextcloud app

In your Nextcloud, simply navigate to »Apps«, choose the category »Office & text«, find the Collabora Online app and enable it. Then open the administrator settings, navigate to the »Collabora Online« tab and specify your Collabora Online server.

Nextcloud/Collabora Online relation

For the latest information about the Collabora Online and Nextcloud releases, please visit the:

Apps page of Collabora.

Scripted installation (Ubuntu), Server + Nextcloud app

The developers of the Nextcloud VM has made a script that you can use. Please remember to check the variables in the script to suit your config before you run it, though it should work out of the box on all Ubuntu servers from 16.04 an upwards.

The only thing you must have prepared before you run the script is to have SSL (https://) on your Nextcloud domain and to setup a DNS record to a new domain that you will host Collabora on ( for example) and point that your server. SSL is set up with Let’s Encrypt.

To get the script, please type the folloing command: wget and then run the script with sudo bash

Please report any issues regarding the script in the Nextcloud VM repo.


Enterprise users who need a more reliable and scalable solution can take advantage of Nextcloud GmbH’s optional support contract for Collabora Online. Find out more about Enterprise support for Collabora Online over here: