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1.12.38 and 1.12.39

  • Bug: fix z-index issue on Nextcloud 13 beta


  • Feature: Add support for PutRelativeFile for Save As.


  • Feature: Add avatar to UserExtraInfo (from NC 13)
  • Feature: Start listening for standard post messages and ignore deprecated ones
  • Feature: Add option to enable the app only for users in a specific group
  • Updated translations


  • Feature: Support for external apps. External apps can now generate a secret token to access richdocuments public API.


  • Bug: Fix editing publicly shared documents
  • Bug: Delete creator/last modifier name from document templates


  • Feature: Restore 'Enable edit for specific groups' feature, fixes #66
  • Feature: Only edit textfiles with Collabora Online, when texteditorapp is disabled
  • Feature: Include support for X-LOOL-WOPI-Timestamp
  • Bug: Undefined variable 'owneruid'


  • Bug: Show Display Name of user, not its uid in userlist
  • Bug: Do not throw exception when user not found. It might be a public link share.
  • Bug: Use the file owner from the share object, if available. Fixes #85.
  • Bug: Shorter db index name. Fixes #54.


  • Bug: Guard encryption support


  • Feature: Support opening encrypted files
  • Bug: Respect OOXML settings again
  • Bug: Register the change under users name when saving the document


  • Bug: Fix undefined instanceId


  • Bug: Allow full screen
  • Updated screenshots
  • Updated translations


  • Bug: Fix revision history


  • Bug: Set the correct language tag expected by JS
  • Bug: Replace trailing slash of WOPI URL
  • Bug: Try opening readonly documents too
  • Bug: Fix revision history
  • Feature: Add rtf and txt as supported file formats
  • Feature: Add icon to admin page sidebar
  • Feature: Add logging and template to unhandled exceptions


  • Bug: Fix height for revision history viewer
  • Feature: Support for multitenancy installations of LibreOffice Online


  • Bug: Fix undefined PHP notices
  • Security: Properly check for password on password protected shares