Node.js script/daemon to (hackily) send SMS from the Voxtelesys API to Matrix and back.

Updated 3 weeks ago

Desktop utility for performing In Person Electronic Notarizations on PDF files.

Updated 2 years ago

Machine, component, and status tracking for IT shops and their customers.

Updated 3 years ago

Mobile application for accessing the Netsyms Apps.

Updated 4 years ago

TerranQuest official game client (version 1).

Updated 4 years ago

PHP game server for TerranQuest (version 1)

Updated 4 years ago

Desktop app to enable direct use of receipt printers in web apps.

Updated 5 years ago

Manage tasks, deadlines, and more.

Updated 5 years ago

Painless newsletter creation and mailing list management.

Updated 5 years ago

Copy of Nextcloud richdocuments app, but with modifications so all traffic goes over clearnet/CJDNS/Tor/I2P/whatever instead of having a single default hostname.

Updated 6 years ago