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This branch contains all files modified from the base version of HESK to become HESK UI, a clean user interface for HESK v2.5.3
You can download this tweak via two ways:
<li><strong>Stable Releases:</strong> Releases that have a release tag associated with a commit are considered releases. You can click on "releases" on the top of the repo, and then click "zip" or "tar.gz" to download the repo at that stage.</li>
<li><strong>Bleeding-edge Releases:</strong> You can also download the latest, bleeding-edge version of HESK UI by simply clicking "download as zip" to the right of the repository. This will download an exact copy of this branch in its current state, which may be contain bugs/other issues. This is not recommended for a production use.</li>
<li>Download HESK from <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</li>
<li>Extract the contents of HESK to a directory of your choice.</li>
<li>Download HESK UI from one of the two methods described above.</li>
<li>Copy and paste the contents of the zip/tar.gz bundle and overwrite any files in the original HESK 2.5.3 folder.</li>
<li>Upload the resulting folder to your webserver.</li>
<p>Please consult the official HESK Documentation on how to install HESK, as it is the same for both HESK and HESK UI.</p>