Custom Mapbox GL map styles for TerranQuest
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TerranQuest Mapbox GL Styles

This is a set of three Mapbox GL map styles. The styles are very simplified, showing roads, water, buildings, and parks/grass/woods.

These styles are best viewed at very high (>16) zoom level. They were designed for TerranQuest, a mobile location-based video game.


Style and sprites for a textured map with 3D buildings.

Style and sprites for a textured map with flat/2D buildings.

Style for a 2D plain-color map with no textures.

Krita project files for the textures.

Individual PNG textures, at 256x256 and 512x512 sizes.


Live maps: 3D, Flat, Simple

3D style: 3D City

Flat style: Flat City

Simple style: Simple

Planet (3D/Flat): Planet

Rural (3D/Flat): Planet


Creative Commons Zero, CC0

Please note that the license only applies to the texture/sprite files and the style.json files. Whatever map you use has its own license terms. For example, the CC0 license does not apply to the preview images, as they contain ODbL-licenses code from OpenStreetMap.