Tool to lookup computer information using a unique ID number.
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PC Info

A customer-facing web tool to view detailed information about a computer. Designed for use by computer repair shops and electronics refurbishers.

PC Info is similar to Dell's "service tag" system, where simply typing a service tag into Dell's website allows viewing various pieces of information about a machine.

This application works by providing a read-only web UI to the customer, and a JSON API to authorized applications (using an API key).


  • Flexible: Attach any number of components and history entries to a machine, and add free-form notes to each

  • Simple: Customers simply type in a unique ID number (usually on a sticker) to instantly view all information

  • Secure: API keys can be assigned roles to restrict usage

  • Custom Branding: Supply your own logo and favicon URLs with a config setting


  1. Upload code
  2. Run composer install to get dependencies
  3. Create database using schema
  4. Copy settings.template.php to settings.php and fill in with correct values
  5. Add API key to the database, and assign permissions (PHPMyAdmin recommended)
  6. Download client app (repository) and install it
  7. Follow instructions in client app to finish setup