Bootswatch, Summernote, and Captcheck mods for Mods for HESK ( In use at
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23 lines

  1. <!-- Here you can insert additional "blocks" to the homepage on the client-side of the help desk. You can insert anything you like.
  2. Some example code has been included below, and is commented out so it will not appear on the page. It is recommended to copy & paste the code you
  3. want to use so you still have the samples included. You can use PHP code as well, by using the <?php //and ?> tags. The page is responsive, so do not
  4. worry about line breaks, as the blocks will reposition themselves for the user's screen size.
  5. RECOMMENDED IMAGE SIZE: 32x32 (box does NOT resize for the image!)
  6. AMOUNT OF TEXT TO PUT: approx 3 lines
  7. -->
  8. <!-- SAMPLE -->
  9. <!-- <a href="#">
  10. <div class="block">
  11. <div class="upper">
  12. <img src="ImageYouWantToShow" alt="Alternate Text for the Image" />
  13. </div>
  14. <div class="lower">
  15. <p>Text you want to display under the image</p>
  16. </div>
  17. </div>
  18. </a> -->
  19. <!-- Your custom blocks should begin down here -->