HTML5 app for giving and receiving charity.
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  1. Helping Helena App
  2. ============
  3. This is a cross-platform app for Helping Helena. It can be
  4. built for most platforms by using either
  5. [Apache Cordova]( or [NW.js](
  6. [Get prebuilt binaries here](
  7. Platform Support
  8. ----------------
  9. Tested and should work on:
  10. * Android 5+ (up-to-date WebView implementation required)
  11. * Linux (amd64 and i386)
  12. Not tested but should work on:
  13. * Windows
  14. Building for NW.js
  15. ------------------
  16. Since this is a webapp, there isn't really a build process.
  17. 1. Install [Yarn](, and run `./` to grab dependencies.
  18. 2. Get [NW.js]( and unpack it into a folder (we'll use `~/nw.js`).
  19. 3. Move to the `www` folder in this repository and run `~/nw.js/nw .`
  20. 4. The process is basically the same for non-Linux systems, just use the appropriate
  21. version of NW.js.
  22. Building for Cordova/Android
  23. ----------------------------
  24. This assumes you have Cordova and a working Android SDK installed.
  25. 1. Install [Yarn](, and run `./` to grab dependencies.
  26. 2. Run `./` to cut the APK size in half.
  27. 3. Run `cordova platform add android`.
  28. 4. Run `cordova build android --release`.
  29. License
  30. -------
  31. The code in `www` (except `node_modules`) is licensed under the Mozilla Public
  32. License 2.0. We didn't write the rest, most of it is autogenerated or third-party.
  33. Consult `licenses.txt` or the built-in open source info page for details.
  34. If you're making custom builds and distributing them, you need to [contact us]( and
  35. get permission to use the app icon (`logo.png` and the files in `/res`).
  36. If you're building the app for personal use, or you're not using the same name
  37. or logo, you don't need permission.