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Helping Helena App

This is a cross-platform app for Helping Helena. It can be built for most platforms by using either Apache Cordova or NW.js.

Get prebuilt binaries here

Platform Support

Tested and should work on:

  • Android 5+ (up-to-date WebView implementation required)
  • Linux (amd64 and i386)

Not tested but should work on:

  • Windows

Building for NW.js

Since this is a webapp, there isn't really a build process.

  1. Install Yarn, and run ./ to grab dependencies.
  2. Get NW.js and unpack it into a folder (we'll use ~/nw.js).
  3. Move to the www folder in this repository and run ~/nw.js/nw .
  4. The process is basically the same for non-Linux systems, just use the appropriate version of NW.js.

Building for Cordova/Android

This assumes you have Cordova and a working Android SDK installed.

  1. Install Yarn, and run ./ to grab dependencies.
  2. Run ./ to cut the APK size in half.
  3. Run cordova platform add android.
  4. Run cordova build android --release.


The code in www (except node_modules) is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. We didn't write the rest, most of it is autogenerated or third-party. Consult licenses.txt or the built-in open source info page for details.

If you're making custom builds and distributing them, you need to contact us and get permission to use the app icon (logo.png and the files in /res). If you're building the app for personal use, or you're not using the same name or logo, you don't need permission.