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  1. Setup a LAMP server with PHP 7.2, including PHP extensions mbstring, zip, gd, and imagick
  2. git clone the NotePost Git repository. This will make upgrades a matter of running git pull and importing any new SQL scripts.
  3. Import database.sql into your database server
  4. Follow these instructions to install AccountHub and ManagePanel, which handle user accounts, login, and other “glue”.
  5. Copy settings.template.php to settings.php
  6. Edit settings.php and fill in your DB info, then add the API key and other info from your AccountHub instance.
  7. Run composer install (or composer.phar install) to install dependency libraries
  8. Run git submodule init and git submodule update to install several other dependencies
  9. From a web browser, visit https://notepost-url (or whatever your setup is). If you did everything right, you should be redirected to a login screen. Enter the admin username and password you setup when installing AccountHub.