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Linux CUPS Driver for Gprinter GP-1324D

Driver Setup Instructions

  1. Copy rastertotspl to /usr/lib/cups/filter
  2. Make rastertotspl executable and owned by root (sudo chown root:root rastertotspl && sudo chmod 755 rastertotspl)
  3. Edit /usr/share/cups/usb/org.cups.usb-quirks and add the text in this repository's org.cups.usb-quirks to the bottom.
  4. Plug in the printer with USB.
  5. Visit http://localhost:631, click Administration at the top, then click Add Printer.
  6. Enter your login username and password if prompted. If it doesn't work, add your user to the lp and lpadmin groups, reboot, and try again.
  7. Select the found printer in the list under Local Printers, fill in printer name and other info.
  8. When asked to choose the make and model, use the "Provide a PPD file" option and open Gprinter.ppd from this repository.

热敏小票打印机 CUPS 驱动Linux

在 Gprinter GP1324D 上测试成功