Simple PHP api for SnipeIT app. Not maintained anymore; check out BinStack instead: and
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Snipe-IT API

This is a simple API for accessing a Snipe-IT database.


Installation is easy. Assuming you have a web server with PHP and a suitable database driver, simply put all the files in this repo in a web-accessible folder.

Edit the file database.php and add the connection settings for your Snipe-IT database.

On the mobile app, enter the full address for the API server. Include http(s):// and the trailing slash.

The API can be put in a subfolder of the main Snipe-IT installation, but it can also be setup on any server that can reach the database.


If you have a problem:

  • Check you have the full path (with trailing slash) entered into the app.
  • Install PHP Composer and run composer install.
  • Check you can access the API from a computer. Go to the API folder/login.php. You should see JSON with an error message “Missing username.”. If you see a different error, or there is no error, double-check the database settings, and try installing Composer dependencies.
  • If none of these solutions work, open an issue.