Updated 2 weeks ago

A Python terminal app for NotePost.

Updated 5 months ago

Build script and files for packaging NW.js as a Debian package

Updated 2 weeks ago

A simple system for creating multiple-choice questions for an audience to answer on their phones. Responses are tallied and displayed in real-time.

Updated 9 months ago

Updated 6 months ago

Tool to lookup computer information using a unique ID number.

Updated 11 months ago

Cross-platform API client app for PCInfo.

Updated 11 months ago

Simple API and database schema for storing and retrieving OpenStreetMap POI data

Updated 3 weeks ago

Renamed to AccountHub

Updated 1 year ago

Online registration system for the Prickly Pear District Cub Scout Day Camp.

Updated 1 week ago

QwikClock is an employee time tracking app.

Updated 11 months ago

Copy of Nextcloud richdocuments app, but with modifications so all traffic goes over clearnet/CJDNS/Tor/I2P/whatever instead of having a single default hostname.

Updated 1 year ago

Game server and admin dashboard for TerranQuest.

Updated 5 days ago

PHP game server for TerranQuest (version 1)

Updated 1 month ago

SiteWriter is an easy-to-use website builder system.

Updated 3 months ago

Markdown source for building the SiteWriter online documentation. Built with MkDocs.

Updated 8 months ago

Simple PHP api for SnipeIT app. Not maintained anymore; check out BinStack instead: https://source.netsyms.com/Business/BinStack and https://netsyms.biz/binstack

Updated 10 months ago

Mobile app for SnipeIT. Uses my SnipeIT PHP API. Deprecated.

Updated 1 year ago

A desktop app for easy, fast access to core Business Apps features.

Updated 1 year ago