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  Skylar Ittner 289aaeaa9f Minor text changes 9 months ago
  Skylar Ittner e0802f582b Remove unneeded index.css 11 months ago
  Skylar Ittner 61d660be69 Add FormBuilder 11 months ago
  Skylar Ittner 32cd18933d Update FontAwesome from 5.3.1 to 5.6.0 11 months ago
  Skylar Ittner 47539de2d7 Fix bootstrap font URL 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 12aea4a2e2 Update Bootstrap (https://github.com/thomaspark/bootswatch/issues/861) 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner c36c365a1b Update Bootstrap and FontAwesome 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 80d0a017ed Update Bootstrap to 4.1.3 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner a17f51b72d Update FontAwesome 5.1.0 to 5.3.1 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 963fbfbf00 Upgrade FontAwesome to 5.1.0 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 10575f6f59 Fix another visual bug 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 2f9eccf931 Fix bug where clicking close on msg alert didn't remove progress bar 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 769d24b4b7 Improve alert fadeout 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 66aa3d6fdc Make msg alert time out with smooth visual effects 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 8e65d4c98d Use bundled Roboto font 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 58a991cbd0 Update FontAwesome to 5.0.13 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 4bab466169 Fix #1 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner d4070b36b9 Update FontAwesome 5.0.10 => 5.0.12, update Materia Bootstrap 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 2d98c68efd Remove unused old arrow icons 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 2461fec102 Update FontAwesome to 5.0.10 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner fa6924eb08 Update bootstrap.min.css with upstream bugfix from Bootswatch (https://github.com/thomaspark/bootswatch/issues/819) 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 64c3d47c32 Add Roboto font files 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 6a7ea5eeb7 Upgrade to Bootstrap 4.1 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner d10c6214a6 Switch to Mozilla Public License 2.0 for code consistency 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 0691dd51f1 Remove unused CSS 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 8441008219 Remove unneeded font files 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner e155ebe165 Update material-color submodule 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner ee47026c0e Adjust alerts 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner eefa7ab00f Improve mobile app compatibility 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 121a49e9e0 Upgrade to Bootstrap 4.0, FontAwesome 5.0, and jQuery 3.3.1 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 5dae7bc168 Refactor and enforce Content-Security-Policy 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner c0a93fb666 Convert material-color CSS to submodule 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner bf76d3733c Optimize icons 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 2770e96a8a Move menu button around on mobile 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 2284117cfc add JS to remove &msg=xyz from URL, update material-color to v1.2 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner b9f385d6f0 Update material-color.css to version 1.1 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 3ab33d19f6 Add material-color.css 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner bdcb7e263d Add Material Design arrow icon to replace app icon when not on the homepage 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 47f51420fa Add border on app icon when shown large 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner e8c9cd56e2 Remove unused config variables, remove uncompressed CSS 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 427390cbc4 Add a bit of cleanup and comments 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner eaeb8806a1 Add navbar color theme CSS options 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 3110011596 Add Portal API integration, add icon/style settings, add navbar and icon 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 16cbf2a5f1 Create template based on SSO code 2 years ago