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  Skylar Ittner 7173a50c36 Add textarea to FormBuilder 11 months ago
  Skylar Ittner 69c634ea99 Add checkbox to form builder 11 months ago
  Skylar Ittner 61d660be69 Add FormBuilder 11 months ago
  Skylar Ittner 1271317eb9 Rewrite to use classes, aligning with AccountHub 2.0 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner d10c6214a6 Switch to Mozilla Public License 2.0 for code consistency 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 386615976e Remove test page 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner eefa7ab00f Improve mobile app compatibility 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 121a49e9e0 Upgrade to Bootstrap 4.0, FontAwesome 5.0, and jQuery 3.3.1 1 year ago
  Skylar Ittner 16cbf2a5f1 Create template based on SSO code 2 years ago