PHP game server for TerranQuest (version 1)
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define("DEBUG", false);
define("BETA_MODE", false);
// A list of server addresses that can be used by the client.
// See cluster.php for details.
define("SERVER_URLS", []);
define("DB_TYPE", "mysql");
define("DB_NAME", "");
define("DB_SERVER", "");
define("DB_USER", "");
define("DB_PASS", "");
define("DB_CHARSET", "latin1");
define("MIN_CLIENT_VERSION", "1.6.0");
define("GEOCACHE_KEY", "");
define("MUNZEE_KEY", "");
define("MUNZEE_SECRET", "");
// API key for the TerranQuest GIS server.
// Has global terrain data and other large sets.
// Get instructions for requesting a key at
define("GIS_API_KEY", "");
define("APP_STORE_SANDBOX", true);
define("DARKSKY_APIKEY", "");
// List of players with special chat colors.
// Server messages (from the admin panel) are always special.
define("CHAT_ADMINS", ["admin"]);
// Color for chat admin names. Accepts any HTML named color or hexcode (#ff0000)
define("CHAT_ADMIN_COLOR", "red");
// CSS styles for chat admin username. Default is "font-weight: bold;".
define("CHAT_ADMIN_CSS", "");
// Admin control panel login
define("ADMIN_USER", "");
define("ADMIN_PASS", "");
// Geocoding API key for admin panel lookups
define("MAPQUEST_KEY", "");
// Used for timestamps in the admin panel.
// For supported values, see
define("TIMEZONE", "UTC");