TerranQuest official game client (version 1). https://terranquest.net
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TerranQuest is an augmented reality mobile game, written using open web technologies.

It's compiled with Apache Cordova (or Phonegap if you're into that).

Check out the website at https://terranquest.net.

This repository is usually a little ahead of the current beta release.

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Build Notes

To get this project ready for build, type cordova prepare. This reads the config.xml, extracting platform and plugin info. Required repositories are downloaded and installed automatically.

To compile, simply run cordova build <platform>. Currently, Android works great, but iOS has some asset issues.

Server Code

Get the server code at https://github.com/Netsyms/TerranQuest-GameServer.


TerranQuest code (not the graphical assets, like the logos and stuff) is released under the Apache License 2.0.

If you're going to make your own game and share it, you'll need to put in the effort to make the graphics yourself, as they are copyright (c) 2016 Netsyms Technologies, all rights reserved. It's not that hard. We're just lazy and don't want to separate the pictures out from the code.
If you're just tinkering with the code and aren't sharing binaries, that's fine though.