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AccountHub is a web application enabling secure self-serve account management. Employees can change their password and manage other web apps they have access to with the dashboard.


  1. Setup a LAMP server with PHP 7.2, including PHP extensions mbstring, zip, gd, and imagick
  2. Copy settings.template.php to settings.php
  3. Import database.sql into your database server
  4. Edit settings.php and fill in your DB info
  5. Set the URL of the install
  6. Setup "EXTERNAL_APPS" with specifics for your install.
  7. Setup the email settings to receive alerts you configure later in ManagePanel
  8. Run composer install (or composer.phar install) to install dependency libraries
  9. Edit the database table apikeys and add some API keys for the other apps to use
  10. From a web browser, visit http://apps/url (or whatever your setup is). If you did everything right, you should see a login screen.
  11. Now go to http://apps/url/setup.php and create an admin account.
  12. Install ManagePanel to setup additional user accounts.


  1. Run git pull or otherwise update the code
  2. Run composer install to update dependencies
  3. Execute the SQL scripts in database_upgrade to take you from your current version to the latest version
  4. Rewrite your settings.php based on the new settings.template.php