Netsyms Technologies

Friendly, easy, lightweight, self-hostable CAPTCHA service.

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HTML5 app for giving and receiving charity.

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Online registration system for the Prickly Pear District Cub Scout Day Camp.

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Simple API and database schema for storing and retrieving OpenStreetMap POI data

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Merchant app for Helping Helena.

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API and management console for the Helping Helena app.

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A responsive, modern PHP directory listing

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Bootswatch, Summernote, and Captcheck mods for Mods for HESK ( In use at

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Block Australian visitors from your website until their laws improve.

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An open source code of conduct that respects all people without tolerating abuse.

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A simple system for creating multiple-choice questions for an audience to answer on their phones. Responses are tallied and displayed in real-time.

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A simple template for quick and dirty PHP apps.

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