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First of all, thanks for your interest in helping make SimpleMDE even better. Contributions help resolve rare bugs, accomplish neat new features, polish the code, and improve the documentation.

Guidelines for contributing

  • The most important guideline for contributing is to compare against the development branch when creating a pull request. This allows time to test and modify code changes before merging them into the stable master branch with the next release.
  • Travis CI is configured to build and verify all PRs. If your PR causes the build to fail, please add an additional commit that resolves any problems.
  • If you really want to earn some brownie points, create a JSFiddle that demonstrates your code changes. Seriously, this helps immensely and allows one or multiple people to easily provide feedback on the great work you've done.
    • When creating the JSFiddle, keep in mind that you can use for your files.
  • Do your best to fully test your changes. Anticipate edge-case behavior.
  • Try to keep your codebase that you're making changes to as up-to-date as possible with the origin. SimpleMDE creates new releases frequently, so it's easy to fall behind if you've been working on something new for a while.