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Added section explaining the fork 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman c34cebefd6 Made entire edit field have `cursor: text`. 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 4f99b7de49 Remove bower install guide 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 68601d9d38 Fix guide button not working 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman acf45c8d58 Update issue template 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 888ebbbd16 Simplify build steps for styles & delete debug folder 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman d20fe36554 Simplify build steps for scripts 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 70236ba68e Use single quotes 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman de26368ad1 Set indent style to 4 spaces 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 8a44ba70fb Edit header & build new dist files. Removed prettify tasks. 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 519f51384b Continuing this project, edit relevant files, drop bower. 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman b9b8c2267b Set version packages and add lock file, this is much safer. 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman e5f39d6bfa Pls don't go away again... 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 745f38ceda Guide button should not be disabled when preview is active. 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 6c78e22af9 Dropped Node 5 support, added Node 8 and Node 9 support. 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 24fae9d68f Changed link and image defaults to `https://` 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 89ed815735 Small CSS changes 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman e45dcec53f Added newline back to end of file (IDE mistake) 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 7b147b3148 Added FontAwesome 5 compatibility without breaking FontAwesome 4 compatibility. 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 60a4bb6392 Fix linting errors so project actually builds. 1 year ago
  Wes Cossick e32fe3f91c Update how to install 2 years ago
  Wes Cossick affcfd9ac1 Update company name 2 years ago
  Wes Cossick 2623a5e689 Fix typo in README with missing colons 2 years ago
  Wes Cossick f9b7a984b2 Document new `promptTexts` option in README 2 years ago
  Wes Cossick 93e876562f Merge pull request #520 from stadtgestalten/translatable-prompt-texts 2 years ago
  Wes Cossick ee11454138 Merge pull request #530 from awjecc/AllowToDisableSyncingScrollViaOptions 2 years ago
  Tsubasa c6483297f7 Add the example non-default usage for syncSideBySidePreviewScroll 2 years ago
  Tsubasa 5d1648a510 Rename syncPreviewSideScroll to syncSideBySidePreviewScroll 2 years ago
  Tsubasa 004cf8e731 Revert dist/simplemde.min.js 2 years ago
  Wes Cossick 547ddfd9d5 Merge pull request #532 from stephenoakman/514-mobile-text-selection 2 years ago
  Wes Cossick 0b4b70a4a2 Merge pull request #527 from luclu/fix-sideBySide-fullscreen-toggle 2 years ago
  Stephen Oakman c0dc7abb73 Defaulting styleSelectedText to false if on a mobile device 2 years ago
  Wes Cossick 44b5b14e9b Merge pull request #523 from jrsinclair/development 2 years ago
  Wes Cossick de7c68b9e5 Merge pull request #517 from boristhuy/boristhuy-css-modifications 2 years ago
  Tsubasa 775e448518 Allow to disable syncing scroll in side-by-side mode via options 2 years ago
  Luca Zeug 18f8256a4a Fix toggleFullscreen() if icon is hidden 2 years ago
  James Sinclair 4bf96ffd32 Addressing accessibility issues with using links instead of buttons. 2 years ago
  Konrad Mohrfeldt 125200fb35 allow promptTexts to be translated via options 2 years ago
  Boris Thuy 7fa15473ad Added word-wrap property to CodeMirror class 2 years ago
  Boris Thuy 20eb8d6da8 Added word-wrap to editor-preview-side class 2 years ago
  Boris Thuy f5c62f70e8 Added box-sizing to the CodeMirror class 2 years ago
  Wes Cossick 5b8611628b Merge pull request #472 from Mummakill/fix-multiline-list 2 years ago
  Mummakill b9071f0c91 Fix multiline numbered list function 2 years ago
  Wes Cossick 6065d3e089 Update README.md 2 years ago
  Wes Cossick e747b053dc Update README.md 2 years ago
  Wes Cossick 666e97e883 GitHub file changes 2 years ago
  Wes Cossick b5407e01e0 Fix typo in code 2 years ago
  Wes Cossick 7e58a01a35 Merge pull request #404 from hansottowirtz/fix_399 2 years ago
  Hans Otto Wirtz 568da438c6 Fix preview not rerendering when setting value 2 years ago
  Wes Cossick c2ca78c46b Rebuild project 2 years ago