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  Jeroen Akkerman a49da28f4d Update dependencies 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman e9e5bef137 Add missing configuration options 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 375ea8026c 2.8.0 3 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 7fa4521145 Updated dependencies 3 months ago
  Jeroen van Oorschot d317873fb0 update auxilary files and readme with 2.7.0 4 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 23cfe89fa0 Run typescript tests automatically 4 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 66dcf7d868 2.7.0 4 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 073bfbcea5 Updated dependencies and made code comply with new eslint rules 5 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 17b3fe7b4f 2.6.1 5 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 6b85628042 Use Terser for JS minification instead of (deprecated) UglifyJS 5 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman b529d9a28b Updated dependencies 6 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman aa7ea0b762 2.6.0 7 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 8f7d4dcb11 Simplify links in package.json 7 months ago
  xmikasax d50378970a Update marked dependency. DOS vulnerability was patched in 0.6.2 8 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman bbe78803b0 Only include necessary files in build package 9 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman a8306bf617 Only include necessary files in build package 9 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 99f303229b Updated packages 9 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 4385d733e5 Update packages and build dist files. 9 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 20cd3e4586 Hotfix: change `role="button"` to `type="button"` 10 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 5abc4d7292 Package updates 10 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 40303a5fc6 Prepare for release 2.5.0 10 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 2ad0d26127 Automatic Travis tests & consistency 10 months ago
  Franklin Tse 4e6b0876e9 Initial commit 10 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 9fa18cee1e Bump version numbers 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman bc49e2589e Update codemirror 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman d81b2326f6 Change deprecated "prepublish" to "prepare" in package.json. 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 5af2ac1b41 Update packages and bump version number. 1 year ago
  jeroen.akkerman 43abcaf655 Bump version and build new files for distribution 1 year ago
  jeroen.akkerman 8b6c7de99f Update version for `onToggleFullScreen` option, lint fix & updates. 1 year ago
  jeroen.akkerman 382449c0bc Deploy does not work when combining both `tags` and `branch` filters. 1 year ago
  jeroen.akkerman da4eba8d47 Update version in package-lock.json 1 year ago
  jeroen.akkerman 18c03985ea Disabled text multi-select 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman f4905ea6b9 Increment version 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 0bacebb176 NPM token was wrong according to Travis, created a new one 1 year ago
  Cornelius Wichering e0945b856a
Fixed main: simplemde.js -> easymde.js 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 31310fc4dd Version 2.0.1 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman e8e2a0cd2a * Update gulp to version 4 1 year ago
  jeroen.akkerman 9a1752c9d5 Version 2.0.0 & added badges 1 year ago
  jeroen.akkerman 0786961de3 Complete rename to EasyMDE 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman c30569edb3 Updated CodeMirror and Marked. Fixes #5 1 year ago
  Jeroen Akkerman d20fe36554 Simplify build steps for scripts 2 years ago
  Jeroen Akkerman de26368ad1 Set indent style to 4 spaces 2 years ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 8a44ba70fb Edit header & build new dist files. Removed prettify tasks. 2 years ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 519f51384b Continuing this project, edit relevant files, drop bower. 2 years ago
  Jeroen Akkerman b9b8c2267b Set version packages and add lock file, this is much safer. 2 years ago
  Wes Cossick affcfd9ac1 Update company name 2 years ago
  Wes Cossick 2c35e6782f 1.11.2 3 years ago
  Wes Cossick 47b2667e86 1.11.1 3 years ago
  Wes Cossick 3653d4f81d 1.11.0 3 years ago
  Wes Cossick c8f23a3aa9 Clean up build process, Use new CodeMirror Spell Checker 3 years ago