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  Jeroen Akkerman 00215ecaeb
Merge pull request #242 from dalboris/better-size-units-2 1 week ago
  Boris Dalstein 418116c1cc Change default size units from 'b,Kb,Mb' to ' B, kB, MB' (#239) 1 week ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 7b90f83ae9
Merge pull request #235 from devforth/master 2 weeks ago
  Ivan Borshchov 2745b03b71 move line to another section ,rollback unneded change 2 weeks ago
  Ivan Borshchov 2c793ee418 Add images preview in edit mode plus add keydown cleanup 2 weeks ago
  Jeroen Akkerman b461979067 Add missing drawUploadedImage export 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 4796a2f5b6
Merge pull request #222 from nick-denry/fix_maxHeight_less_than_minHeight 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman b9b19bb5ff
Merge pull request #225 from JoshuaLicense/pass-context-to-custom-image-upload-function 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 45e409b85e
Merge pull request #224 from JoshuaLicense/fix-image-upload-without-status-bar 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 5a5bb97a20
Merge pull request #223 from nick-denry/fix_to_textarea 1 month ago
  Nick Denry 8b177f9c05 KISS fix 1 month ago
  Joshua License 0fc64ff7f9 Pass the MDE context to the image function 1 month ago
  Joshua License 11d210545b Early exit from updateStatusBar if no status bar is available 1 month ago
  Nick Denry 55312d8ec3
Fix toTextArea issue 1 month ago
  Nick Denry 065a022644 Fix comment 1 month ago
  Nick Denry 32e0971483 Fix maxHeight less than minHeight 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 754bdc3ab2 Add missing changelog link 2 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 78c3b6fa28 Fix changelog link 2 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman c8630d6840 2.11.0 2 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 87182dda65 Update changelog for 2.11.0 2 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 3af0a9f5f3 Update dependencies 2 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 531a0e6227
Merge pull request #204 from firm1/fix_181 3 months ago
  firm1 3b831f87a4 forget debug options 3 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 8212d4901a
Merge pull request #182 from firm1/fix_181 3 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 86d6ce7c6a
Merge pull request #203 from cornerman/highlightjs 3 months ago
  johannes karoff 36d9b238cf adhere to language ascription in highlightjs 3 months ago
  firm1 5db44ab734 better debounce 3 months ago
  firm1 825c65e204 not an option but a bugfix 5 months ago
  firm1 450bead2d1 fix #181 : allow saving only on change content 5 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 9dbb1dbe8a
Merge pull request #201 from nick-denry/describe_maxheight_option 3 months ago
  Nick Denry b23ff6675d Use undefined instead of false 3 months ago
  Nick Denry 04ed77f829 KISS fix 3 months ago
  Nick Denry 2bd4b289b3 maxHeight option typings 3 months ago
  Nick Denry d339c6af97 Describe maxHeight option 3 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman d90085acb5
Merge pull request #196 from nick-denry/preview_without_fullscreen 3 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 711d62cd8f Fix whitespace character in readme 3 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 8fa73cf079 Add new option to documentation and typings 3 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 4a6119daaf Add contribution to changelog 3 months ago
  Nick Denry 57788bd392 Code style 3 months ago
  Nick Denry 82c447cf85 Remove bottom rigth radius for CM-sided 3 months ago
  Nick Denry f72d590332 Semantic fix 3 months ago
  Nick Denry 4862def4a4 Toggle sideBySide first due to classes set properly 3 months ago
  Nick Denry d4cbe44fa4 Set preview height after element is added 3 months ago
  Nick Denry f3b1090e53 Adjust sideBySide with no fullscreen and maxHeight option 3 months ago
  Nick Denry f85afc44e1 Code style 4 months ago
  Nick Denry 1fd1ee2a97 Deal with minHeight option 4 months ago
  Nick Denry a61c7198a3 Extra border fix 4 months ago
  Nick Denry b7093dabc3 Preview without fullscreen 4 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 41fef9ae3e Update dependencies 4 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 454ebc6fb6 Add support for Node.js 14 4 months ago