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  Jeroen Akkerman aa0304fdaa Merge branch 'pull-75' 1 week ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 8b5806d663 Updated changelog for PR #75 1 week ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 8e46c9f3c9
Merge pull request #75 from ysykzheng/master 1 week ago
  Jeroen Akkerman cc0c211759 Fixed shortcut code so links are opened as well. 1 week ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 2a0def5fb5 Merge branch 'master' into pull-75 1 week ago
  Jeroen Akkerman aa7ea0b762 2.6.0 1 week ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 5882c03933 Updated changelog for 2.6.0 1 week ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 8f7d4dcb11 Simplify links in package.json 1 week ago
  ysykzheng 98ab3513a6
Merge branch 'master' into master 1 week ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 11de338c25
Merge pull request #81 from xmikasax/marked-merge-request 1 week ago
  xmikasax d50378970a Update marked dependency. DOS vulnerability was patched in 0.6.2 1 week ago
  ysykzheng 9e94709192 fix custom action shortcut not working 4 weeks ago
  ysykzheng 8f590f4f96
Merge pull request #1 from Ionaru/master 4 weeks ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 77038e4883 Did not mean to commit that test.html file 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 6d5716f7c3 Version 2.2.1 wasn't yanked 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 24d6cfb159 Added links to users, issues and PRs to changelog 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman c98bb016ff Fixed headers in the changelog being too big. 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 087bc8cfed Added standardized changelog file. 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman e1ae0e4230
Create issue templates 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 8f435686d7
Merge pull request #70 from roipoussiere/fix_markdown_help_link 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman dd0e96b204 Improve icon class regex 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 14bfa678ab
Merge pull request #58 from Ionaru/bugfix/simplemde-compatibility 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman b14d7dda1c Merge branch 'master' into bugfix/simplemde-compatibility 1 month ago
  roipoussiere 526f2ec82a Update markdown guide link in readme 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 07d96c3842
Merge pull request #69 from roipoussiere/comma_dangle 1 month ago
  Nathanaël Jourdane dec5ca1148 Set eslint rule comma-dangle to always-multiline and apply it 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman c81e7466fd
Merge pull request #63 from roipoussiere/fix_link 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 1158ef13aa
Merge pull request #62 from roipoussiere/prompt_with_https 1 month ago
  Nathanaël Jourdane 7c0c530995 Merge master into fix_link 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman bbe78803b0 Only include necessary files in build package 1 month ago
  Nathanaël Jourdane d875d98b9c Ignore dist folder and remove it 1 month ago
  Nathanaël Jourdane 96c8c228b5 merge master 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman d95de92048
Merge pull request #67 from roipoussiere/no_dist 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 48ece14c95
Merge branch 'master' into no_dist 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman a8306bf617 Only include necessary files in build package 1 month ago
  Nathanaël Jourdane b309645005 Ignore dist folder and remove it 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman c0ea7aab25
Merge branch 'master' into fix_link 1 month ago
  Nathanaël Jourdane e2f4508ec2 Fix marked option link in readme 1 month ago
  Nathanaël Jourdane 1c7ce2a0d4 Fill image and link prompts to 'https://' by default 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 99f303229b Updated packages 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman c1a695af51 Auto-format of `types` folder. 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman df530cf465 Change markdown guide link to open-source Markdown guide website. 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 0baa96af59 Only show build status of the master branch 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 4556f4f1d3 Added latin extensions to wordCount pattern, fixes #61. 1 month ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 104e10b401 Fix small typos in CONTRIBUTING.md and remove old file. 2 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman f50c96bc01 Small fixes for this change 2 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 4385d733e5 Update packages and build dist files. 2 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman fa9ff580c4 Restore backwards compatibility with SimpleMDE, fixes #41 2 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman aa47cbd638 Change branch for build badge in README 2 months ago
  Jeroen Akkerman 78c91a3977 Update npm key 2 months ago