250 Commits (master)

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  Skylar e33b8dfc6a Fix code completion bug, Update plugin install icon, Add banner iframe to Browser homepage (for notifications, news, etc) 3 years ago
  Skylar cc970d3a39 Merge origin/master 3 years ago
  Skylar 26726aea63 Fix Java function bugs 3 years ago
  Skylar 8affecbf39 ? 4 years ago
  Skylar 40cea4cf2e Update internal manual 4 years ago
  Skylar e2dcf6515c Add methods for placing buttons in the Browser toolbar 4 years ago
  Skylar 0409a74bc6 Reorganize the Ribbon 4 years ago
  Skylar af3ee01add Add font-awesome icons, because why not (only 120KB) 4 years ago
  Skylar d4cda53940 Add icons and home button to Web Browser, add Clear Output button to Pad Editor. 4 years ago
  Skylar a2a870dad2 Fix pad editor language menu bug 4 years ago
  Skylar 85ab7974cb Add error pages, about: urls to Browser 4 years ago
  Skylar 8236b13c2a Fix Editor bug 4 years ago
  Skylar 24feb281cb Add New Java file option to Menu 4 years ago
  Skylar 5a9cbc9af6 Add SyMAT Java functions to autocomplete and scripts 4 years ago
  Skylar ddaecb8594 Improve pad editor (pads can now be ran without downloading) 4 years ago
  Skylar d10f49a65a Add standalone script runner threads 4 years ago
  Skylar e22222a493 Add Java support (beta) 4 years ago
  Skylar db013410c5 Update branding 4 years ago
  Skylar c463db0138 Add JavaDoc comments to everything 4 years ago
  Skylar b454f2058d Remove unneeded class 4 years ago
  Skylar 8c2532728a Add Java scripting engine (BeanShell) 4 years ago
  Skylar 1a7958ad39 Improve application exit handling 4 years ago
  Skylar aa60a6528b Update license headers, theme changes, misc. tweaks 4 years ago
  Skylar 8151c89237 Fix repo errors 4 years ago
  Skylar abe9ec5959 Re-init Git, minor tweaks 4 years ago
  Skylar c1bd78b886 Update README 4 years ago
  Skylar 57a3d14414 Updated Jython runtime to latest stable (2.7) 4 years ago
  Skylar 6172b40871 WebBrowser now implements Javascript alerts and prompts 4 years ago
  Skylar cdf4926bac Update license for clarity. 4 years ago
  Skylar 3bbed515b0 Update company branding 4 years ago
  Skylar ceaa9be060 Fix bug when using print() in Shell, add tag to Shell window title indicating selected language 4 years ago
  Skylar 8a5cdb94d1 Bugfixes and startup optimizations, update README.md 4 years ago
  Skylar db689e81b6 Help file fix 4 years ago
  Skylar b41551c9e2 Codebase Sync 4 years ago
  skylarmt a94f3f4298 Add changelog viewer to update window 4 years ago
  skylarmt 7a58a4df05 Better update download handling 4 years ago
  skylarmt 15bc8379dc Recursive OCD code/comment formatting 4 years ago
  skylarmt b6c7a759bd Add global settings wipe 4 years ago
  skylarmt 3bb6d1e997 Update webbrowser user-agent string 4 years ago
  skylarmt 69a7cfc9ea Tweaking 4 years ago
  skylarmt 35090c3806 Add browser homepage 4 years ago
  skylarmt 1e523b8950 Add navigation toolbar to WebBrowser 4 years ago
  skylarmt e64db0c71c Add textbox control 4 years ago
  skylarmt cde9e7e1db Add filedialog() function, make everything work 100% with Python 4 years ago
  skylarmt 1228b7254f Add export button to Notepad 4 years ago
  skylarmt 372c8d9c24 Improve pad sharing 4 years ago
  skylarmt 49c7c1cf61 Improve pad sharing 4 years ago
  skylarmt 17d50d9c29 Make splash screen more squarish 4 years ago
  skylarmt 722759ed74 Update internal documentation 4 years ago
  skylarmt ac7aea613b New splash screen, version changed to 2.0 4 years ago