Template for SyMAT toolkit (2.0 and up).
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  1. build.xml.data.CRC32=48116ce0
  2. build.xml.script.CRC32=2c9a55c0
  3. build.xml.stylesheet.CRC32=8064a381@
  4. # This file is used by a NetBeans-based IDE to track changes in generated files such as build-impl.xml.
  5. # Do not edit this file. You may delete it but then the IDE will never regenerate such files for you.
  6. nbproject/build-impl.xml.data.CRC32=48116ce0
  7. nbproject/build-impl.xml.script.CRC32=2e76e1e6
  8. nbproject/build-impl.xml.stylesheet.CRC32=876e7a8f@