Tool to lookup computer information using a unique ID number.
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  1. ![PC Info](assets/logos/biglogo.png)
  2. =======
  3. A customer-facing web tool to view detailed information about a computer.
  4. Designed for use by computer repair shops and electronics refurbishers.
  5. PC Info is similar to Dell's "service tag" system, where simply typing a
  6. service tag into Dell's website allows viewing various pieces of information
  7. about a machine.
  8. This application works by providing a read-only web UI to the customer, and a
  9. JSON API to authorized applications (using an API key).
  10. Features
  11. --------
  12. * Flexible: Attach any number of components and history entries to a
  13. machine, and add free-form notes to each
  14. * Simple: Customers simply type in a unique ID number (usually on a sticker)
  15. to instantly view all information
  16. * Secure: API keys can be assigned roles to restrict usage
  17. * Custom Branding: Supply your own logo and favicon URLs with a config setting
  18. Setup
  19. -----
  20. 1. Upload code
  21. 2. Run `composer install` to get dependencies
  22. 3. Create database using schema
  23. 4. Copy `settings.template.php` to `settings.php` and fill in with correct
  24. values
  25. 5. Add API key to the database, and assign permissions (PHPMyAdmin recommended)
  26. 6. Download client app ([repository](
  27. and install it
  28. 7. Follow instructions in client app to finish setup