Bootswatch, Summernote, and Captcheck mods for Mods for HESK ( In use at
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Mike Koch 33ab18e826 Update CategoryGateway 3 年之前
BusinessLogic Update CategoryGateway 3 年之前
Controllers Add toastr, fix several things regarding custom nav elements 3 年之前
Core Replace old HESK headers with current ones 3 年之前
DataAccess Update CategoryGateway 3 年之前
Tests Send verification email if needed, return 202 if ticket needs to be verified 3 年之前
admin Finish up securing API endpoints 4 年之前
priority Update array instantiation syntax to support PHP 5.3.X 4 年之前
status More API improvements 4 年之前
ticket Getting started on new ticket validator 3 年之前
ApplicationContext.php Getting more work done on custom navigation 3 年之前
Link.php Working more on create ticket endpoint 3 年之前
autoload.php Working on adding the resend button to the actual ticket page 3 年之前
bootstrap.php Working on TicketCreator tests 3 年之前
common_api_doc.php Fix some API doc stuff 4 年之前
composer.json Update composer.json and ApplicationContext 3 年之前
composer.lock Working on adding Spot ORM 3 年之前
http_response_code.php Added proper DI and autoloading to make things simpler for the actual logic' 3 年之前
index.php Add toastr, fix several things regarding custom nav elements 3 年之前