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Mods for HESK Number of Downloads Current Release Project Status


Mods for HESK is a set of modifications for HESK v2.7.x, a free and popular helpdesk solution.


  • Calendar planning module
  • A new, responsive user interface
  • Ability to create custom ticket statuses
  • Right-to-left text direction
  • Designate parent/child relationships for tickets
  • Ticket dashboard automatic refresh
  • HTML-formatted e-mails
  • Mailgun API support
  • Customer email verifications
  • Custom fields in multiple languages
  • Create new ticket based on previous ticket
  • Admins can restrict users from modifying notification settings
  • Client-side form validation
  • Email template editor
  • Ticket attachments directly in emails
  • Recent tickets for contact when viewing another ticket
  • Restrict statuses from being closable
  • Custom service message icons
  • Permission templates
  • Request users location in tickets
  • Category managers
  • Show number of merged tickets in ticket search view
  • Enable / disable staff members
  • More-restricted settings page access
  • User agent tracking
  • New custom fields: Date, Readonly, Hidden, Email, Multiple Select


The latest version available for download can be downloaded from The master branch will always contain the latest release.


Visit for installation instructions.

Languages / Support

Please visit for translation instructions and support.
Mods for HESK translations are available at

Browser Compatibility

Mods for HESK is compatible with the following browsers:

  • IE 11 / Edge
  • Chrome (Current Version - 2 previous major revisions)
  • Firefox (Current Version - 2 previous major revisions)
  • Opera (Current Version - 2 previous major revisions)
  • Safari (Current Version - 2 previous major revisions)

It is possible that older browsers may or may not work with Mods for HESK. However, support will not be provided for older browsers.


Releases will be numbered with the following format:


And constructed with the following guidelines:

  • Updates to ensure compatibility with new minor/major versions of HESK bumps the major
  • New additions, including new minor features, without breaking backward compatibility, or updates to patch versions of HESK bumps the minor (and resets the patch)
  • Bug fixes and misc minor changes bumps the patch


  • Mike Koch - Creator of Mods for HESK
  • Klemen Stirn - Creator of HESK