26 Commits (6fcd22b533bb02cc262ed109b9b0641bca10000c)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mike Koch b5374b9e6e
Fix LAST_REPLY_BY description 2 years ago
  Mike Koch 0823390738
Update manage_email_templates 2 years ago
  Mike Koch a7742614df
Update pages for HESK 2.7.4 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 4baa85a8c5 Replace TinyMCE with Summernote, round 1 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 29d72b9c0e Fix custom fields on manage email templates 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 85458aa975 Fixes #516 Add autolink plugin to auto-generate URL when entering in messages 3 years ago
  Mike Koch d55e19c5d6 Moved content-wrapper to actual pages 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 937f91f352 Got a basic layout with top bar only working. Need to handle each page now 3 years ago
  Mike Koch f2774badf1 Add custom field header to tools pages 3 years ago
  Mike Koch baf90b7a5d Updated tools to new UI, starting on admin_settings 4 years ago
  Mike Koch eca1dfc0b3 #392 Add constants for all items for admin nav 4 years ago
  Mike Koch a93b6e18f4 #253 Fix indentation across the project 4 years ago
  Mike Koch cd37227cee Remove inline styling from email templates page 4 years ago
  Mike Koch 77489d8eef #330 Add MESSAGE_NO_ATTACHMENTS tag 5 years ago
  Mike Koch 1d32ed3887 Fix permission name for email templates, add other two tools to navbar check 5 years ago
  Mike Koch ddc15f3ad0 #195 Add permission for manage ticket statuses 5 years ago
  Mike Koch 6d62492cc7 Actually show an error message if the template could not be saved 5 years ago
  Mike Koch b10d4ae971 Fixes #228 Fix file path for plaintext templates 5 years ago
  Mike Koch 570ab0e54f #169 Add can_manage_email_template permission 5 years ago
  Mike Koch 5b68f5f926 Can now edit and save email templates :grinning: 5 years ago
  Mike Koch 685bf6b008 #169 In a somewhat broken state. Can't use modals due to TinyMCE not wanting to resize inside of a modal. 5 years ago
  Mike Koch 89efb15cd0 #169 Now able to dump list of template files and add links for HTML/plaintext 5 years ago
  Mike Koch bc2f2a67a5 Add some more to email templates 5 years ago
  Mike Koch 9e43cc20e1 Got started on the email templates page. Nothing fancy 5 years ago