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  Mike Koch 035e4f0a79
Update custom_fields 1 year ago
  Mike Koch 81b27ddb2e
Add cc/bcc to rest API, re-enable in email_functions 1 year ago
  Mike Koch 904202488d
Add an 'emails to receive' option for email custom fields 1 year ago
  Mike Koch d06e80056a
Clear descriptions when deleting custom field 2 years ago
  Mike Koch ce8ff6efe5
Custom field descriptions can be saved 2 years ago
  Mike Koch 745ecd42aa
Getting started adding custom field descriptions 2 years ago
  Mike Koch f4dbffa7e4 #544 Start updating to HESK 2.7.3 2 years ago
  Mike Koch c3bad92656 #544 Start updating to HESK 2.7.3 2 years ago
  Mike Koch 7a723f5250 Fixes #504 set readonly field names different to prevent incorrect values 2 years ago
  Mike Koch d55e19c5d6 Moved content-wrapper to actual pages 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 937f91f352 Got a basic layout with top bar only working. Need to handle each page now 3 years ago
  Mike Koch b1b16fe381 HESK 2.7.0 RC1 -> Final changes 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 31b3aeabf8 Fix multilang custom fields, add validators to CF on admin new ticket 3 years ago
  Mike Koch e35dc66756 RC1 changes 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 59cc8498cf More custom field fixes 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 49b8b44413 Use YYYY-MM-DD regex due to datepicker switch 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 944f304bd9 Add cc/bcc support for email 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 4c55e50c04 Add readonly to manage custom fields 3 years ago
  Mike Koch f2774badf1 Add custom field header to tools pages 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 47d32be2b8 Custom fields page uses new UI 3 years ago