19 Commit (34895de5bc21c82a504eab5eaf44d168b43878ab)

Autore SHA1 Messaggio Data
  Mike Koch 34895de5bc
Business hours should be hidden 2 anni fa
  Mike Koch af45726fe6
Add ability to hide start time 2 anni fa
  Mike Koch 09b371036a
Business hours can be added to the calendar 2 anni fa
  Mike Koch c241338fbe
Couple small QoL changes 2 anni fa
  Mike Koch ac0df60a3e Category colors are properly saved, calendar pages updated 3 anni fa
  Mike Koch 2990eadd07 Replace old HESK headers with current ones 3 anni fa
  Mike Koch 63e5e74b12 Udpate to FC 3, add jQuery 2 3 anni fa
  Mike Koch b1b16fe381 HESK 2.7.0 RC1 -> Final changes 3 anni fa
  Mike Koch eeaf56d3b7 Add comments to customer calendar 4 anni fa
  Cody Mize cd53a5812e Update array instantiation syntax to support PHP 5.3.X 4 anni fa
  Mike Koch e01b7457fa #379 Another tweak to the category display 4 anni fa
  Mike Koch 0fdc62734c #379 Tweak calendar catgory display to prevent overflow issues 4 anni fa
  Mike Koch f8f9372ccb #381 Make select/deselect buttons smaller 4 anni fa
  Mike Koch d334c33d31 #381 Add select/deselect all buttons for calendar categories 4 anni fa
  Mike Koch a801a64f93 Calendar is finished... I think. 4 anni fa
  Mike Koch 1d079a5336 Start working on settings 4 anni fa
  Mike Koch fe78f743d1 Moved all content strings into the language file 4 anni fa
  Mike Koch e7107996eb #189 Display public events on the calendar 4 anni fa
  Mike Koch 8e51429dce #189 Start working on customer-side calendar 4 anni fa
  Mike Koch 569a1ab6af #471 Update headers to 2.6.6 for all other files 4 anni fa
  Mike Koch 7bf2c4c33b #391 Start working on active items on the admin nav 4 anni fa
  Mike Koch 0ffd3edf7e #371 Move glyphicon to UI, remove hard-coded string 4 anni fa
  Mike Koch a93b6e18f4 #253 Fix indentation across the project 4 anni fa
  Mike Koch 6b471e797d Some more inline style removal 4 anni fa
  Mike Koch 264c2e028e #327 Replaced all instances (I think?) of $modsForHesk_settings 4 anni fa
  Mike Koch 1528c1de7e #331 Update headers 4 anni fa
  Mike Koch 9db20734ca #209 Everything uses the new status_functions 4 anni fa
  Mike Koch 40afa50bca #255 Update headers 5 anni fa
  Mike Koch ad1580bf0c Closes #194 Widen admin_main and show_tickets to the full page 5 anni fa
  Mike Koch 7ed4d23df4 #186 Fix indentation 5 anni fa
  Mike Koch c4b039f41c Fixes #186 fix footer on show_tickets page 5 anni fa
  Mike Koch e11745c4cc Update headers to 2.6.2 5 anni fa
  Mike Koch 23dc02399f Update headers that weren't changed to 2.6.1 5 anni fa
  Mike Koch 61ec7728c4 Squashed commits: 5 anni fa
  Mike Koch 8cd7aebaae #24 the search tickets screen has been restyled 5 anni fa
  Mike Koch 407e93fe28 Updated version numbers on license header 5 anni fa
  Mike Koch e0863b6b6d Initial Hesk UI Commit 6 anni fa