116 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mike Koch c4a9368a7b
#641 Fix invisible recaptcha 1 year ago
  Mike Koch 7fc3fb042d
#640 Remove unnecessary subtext, fix required email issue 1 year ago
  Mike Koch 9d1f2cbfdf
Update index 1 year ago
  Mike Koch 5865cb722d
Fix custom field description for select fields 1 year ago
  Mike Koch 3e8085110f
Service messages now appear in their proper locations 1 year ago
  Mike Koch 2faac6be1a
Fixed type not being stored, working on display locations 1 year ago
  Mike Koch a7742614df
Update pages for HESK 2.7.4 1 year ago
  Mike Koch 46721d4212
Add custom field descriptions to customer submit ticket 2 years ago
  Mike Koch 02d965e2d9
Localized some stuff, add descriptions to create ticket pages 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 297d7f3cfd Add captcheck captcha option 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 4baa85a8c5 Replace TinyMCE with Summernote, round 1 2 years ago
  Skylar Ittner 19d5ab9f06 Replace TinyMCE loader code with Summernote 2 years ago
  Mike Koch 9a5738eb1c Use relative URLs for attachment handling 2 years ago
  Mike Koch b82293d96d Custom nav elements now working on proper pages 2 years ago
  Mike Koch 925ad5f538 #544 Rest of the 2.7.3 updates 2 years ago
  Mike Koch 7277b5e4a2 #544 Rest of the 2.7.3 updates 2 years ago
  Mike Koch 85458aa975 Fixes #516 Add autolink plugin to auto-generate URL when entering in messages 2 years ago
  Mike Koch 55c6f4d093 Fixes #463 Support suggested KB articles when rich text is enabled 2 years ago
  Mike Koch 0215657650 Fix checkbox validator 2 years ago
  Mike Koch f6a52c11ba Don't use the on the index page 2 years ago
  Mike Koch b1b16fe381 HESK 2.7.0 RC1 -> Final changes 2 years ago
  Mike Koch 7d83f10370 Update license headers 2 years ago
  Mike Koch 8bc2d95474 Add validator fields to custom fields 2 years ago
  Mike Koch f176f2238f Restyled select ticket category for new ticket 2 years ago
  Mike Koch 59cc8498cf More custom field fixes 2 years ago
  Mike Koch ea8aac8d64 Working on re-converting custom fields 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 9295cf4e14 Rest of b3 updates 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 3fe649d14b Changes 3 years ago
  Mike Koch ef19dcb9b5 Update version headers 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 33051e513e Add 'Message' tag next to message box 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 22a6ed1820 Localize Select/Deselect all 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 41bbeaf97f Use the new button layout on all dropzones 3 years ago
  Mike Koch be6659b183 Disable button when max attachments reached 3 years ago
  Mike Koch fcf54ac9ca Several attachment changes 3 years ago
  Mike Koch a801a64f93 Calendar is finished... I think. 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 7cbd197284 Update headers 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 914fb0ff9c #189 Allow categories to be both tickets/events, events, or tickets 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 569a1ab6af #471 Update headers to 2.6.6 for all other files 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 07acdaccb5 Add drag and drop for admin ticket, fix URL for other pages 3 years ago
  Mike Koch b133a3e31e Can now attach files on the create ticket page via dropzone 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 25bb024f2c Dropzone is somewhat working, need to actually try it out 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 87f8572f12 Making some progress... not much though. 3 years ago
  Mike Koch 0e74dfb16d Fixes #450 Keep <div>s in their proper groups 3 years ago
  Mike Koch b58bc19286 Validate anti-spam question 4 years ago
  Mike Koch 967df9dbd4 #395 Fix custom field requirements 4 years ago
  Mike Koch d7fdca4274 #396 Fix some custom field alignment issues on customer interface 4 years ago
  Mike Koch 9a8da11a8f #391 Add .active to customer-side nav items 4 years ago
  Mike Koch a21129a11d Closes #383 Fix screen res on index page 4 years ago
  Mike Koch 002d6bdd9d #325 Some refactoring, validate find a ticket box 4 years ago
  Mike Koch 7e9c09e008 #325 Add validation to view ticket sidebar 4 years ago