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Mike Koch 7 years ago
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@ -2,11 +2,11 @@
* Language file for Help Desk Software HESK (
* Language: ENGLISH
* Version: 2.5.5
* Version: 2.6.0 beta 1 from 30th December 2014
* Author: Klemen Stirn (
* !!! This file must be saved in UTF-8 encoding without byte order mark (BOM) !!!
* Test chars: àáâãäåæ
* Test chars: àáâãäåæ
// Change "English" to the name of your language
@ -182,6 +182,7 @@ $hesklang['category_moved'] = '[#%%TRACK_ID%%] Ticket moved: %%SUBJECT%%
$hesklang['new_note'] = '[#%%TRACK_ID%%] Note added to: %%SUBJECT%%';
$hesklang['new_pm'] = 'New private message: %%SUBJECT%%';
$hesklang['forgot_ticket_id'] = 'List of your support tickets';
$hesklang['ticket_closed'] = '[#%%TRACK_ID%%] Ticket closed/resolved'; // New in 2.6.0
$hesklang['cant_connect_db']='Can\'t connect to database!';
@ -224,7 +225,6 @@ $hesklang['enter_real_name']='Please enter user real name';
$hesklang['enter_valid_email']='Please enter a valid email address';
$hesklang['enter_username']='Please enter username (login)';
$hesklang['asign_one_cat']='Please assign user to at least one category!';
$hesklang['signature_long']='User signature is too long! Please limit the signature to 255 chars';
$hesklang['confirm_user_pass']='Please confirm password';
$hesklang['passwords_not_same']='The two passwords entered are not the same!';
$hesklang['cant_del_admin']='You cannot delete the default administrator!';
@ -335,7 +335,6 @@ $hesklang['edit']='Edit';
$hesklang['add_user']='Add new user';
$hesklang['req_marked_with']='Required fields are marked with';
$hesklang['real_name']='Real name';
$hesklang['signature_max']='Signature<br/> (max 255 chars)';
$hesklang['sign_extra']='HTML code is not allowed. Links will be clickable.';
$hesklang['create_user']='Create user';
$hesklang['editing_user']='Editing user';
@ -656,7 +655,6 @@ $hesklang['t_m']='minutes';
$hesklang['day']='Daylight saving';
$hesklang['tfor']='Time format';
$hesklang['prefix']='Table prefix';
$hesklang['s_ekb']='Knowledgebase (KB)';
$hesklang['s_kbs']='Enable KB search';
$hesklang['s_kbr']='Enable KB rating';
$hesklang['s_maxsr']='Max search results';
@ -1266,10 +1264,6 @@ $hesklang['n2ex']='No tickets found matching your criteria, nothing to export!';
$hesklang['sp']='SPAM Prevention'; // For settings page
$hesklang['sit']='-&gt; Image Type';
$hesklang['sis']='Simple image';
$hesklang['rcpb']='Public key';
$hesklang['rcpv']='Private key';
$hesklang['rcsl']='Use SSL';
$hesklang['pop3keep']='Keep a copy';
$hesklang['err_dbconn']='Could not connect to MySQL database using provided information!';
$hesklang['s_inle']='Testing the language folder for valid languages. Only languages that pass all tests are properly installed.';
@ -1316,6 +1310,207 @@ $hesklang['incorrect_try_again']='Incorrect. Try again.';
$hesklang['image_alt_text']='reCAPTCHA challenge image';
$hesklang['recaptcha_error']='Incorrect SPAM Prevention answer, please try again.';
// Added or modified in version 2.6.0
$hesklang['lcf']='List date format';
$hesklang['lcf0']='Short descriptive';
$hesklang['lcf1']='Date and time';
$hesklang['lcf2']='HESK style';
$hesklang['ticket_tpl']='Ticket templates';
$hesklang['can_man_ticket_tpl']='Manage ticket templates'; // Permission title
$hesklang['ticket_tpl_man']='Manage ticket templates'; // Page/link title
$hesklang['ticket_tpl_intro']='Create and edit ticket templates that you can use to quickly submit new tickets from the admin interface.';
$hesklang['no_ticket_tpl']='No ticket templates';
$hesklang['delete_tpl']='Are you sure you want to delete this template?';
$hesklang['new_ticket_tpl']='Add or Edit a ticket template';
$hesklang['ticket_tpl_add']='Create a new ticket template';
$hesklang['ticket_tpl_edit']='Edit selected ticket template';
$hesklang['save_ticket_tpl']='Save ticket template';
$hesklang['ticket_tpl_saved']='Your ticket template has been saved for future use';
$hesklang['ticket_tpl_removed']='Selected ticket template has been removed from the database';
$hesklang['ticket_tpl_not_found']='Ticket template not found';
$hesklang['sel_ticket_tpl']='Select the ticket template you would like to edit';
$hesklang['ent_ticket_tpl_title']='Please enter reply title';
$hesklang['ent_ticket_tpl_msg']='Please enter reply message';
$hesklang['ticket_tpl_id']='Missing ticket template ID';
$hesklang['select_ticket_tpl']='Select a ticket template';
$hesklang['list_tickets_cat']='List all tickets in this category';
$hesklang['def_msg']='[No message]';
$hesklang['emlreqmsg']='Require message';
$hesklang['emlreqmsg2']='Ignore piped/fetched emails with no message';
$hesklang['relart']='Related articles'; // Title of related articles box
$hesklang['s_relart']='Related articles'; // On settings page
$hesklang['tab_7']='Ticket list';
$hesklang['fitl']='Fields in ticket list';
$hesklang['set_pri_to']='Set priority to:'; // Action below the ticket list
$hesklang['pri_set_to']='Priority has been set to:';
$hesklang['cat_pri']='The category priority will be used when customers are not allowed to select priority and a ticket is submitted from the customer interface.';
$hesklang['cat_pri_info']='Your customers are allowed to select priority, so category priority will be ignored.<br /><br />To use category priority instead, turn OFF the following feature in HESK settings:';
$hesklang['def_pri']='Category priority:';
$hesklang['ch_cat_pri']='Set category priority';
$hesklang['cat_pri_ch']='Category priority has been set to:';
$hesklang['err_dbversion']='Too old MySQL version:'; // %s will be replaced with MySQL version
$hesklang['signature_max']='Signature (max 1000 chars)';
$hesklang['signature_long']='User signature is too long! Please limit the signature to 1000 chars';
$hesklang['ip_whois']='IP whois';
$hesklang['ednote']='Edit note message';
$hesklang['ednote2']='Note message saved';
$hesklang['perm_deny']='Permission denied';
$hesklang['mis_note']='Missing note ID';
$hesklang['no_note']='Note with this ID not found';
$hesklang['save_reply']='Save and continue later';
$hesklang['reply_saved']='Your reply message has been saved for later.';
$hesklang['submit_as']='Submit as:';
$hesklang['sasc']='Submit as Customer reply';
$hesklang['creb']='Customer reply entered by:';
$hesklang['show_select']='Show &quot;Click to select&quot; as default option';
// Settings
$hesklang['mms']='Maintenance mode';
$hesklang['mmd']='Enable maintenance mode';
// Customer notice
$hesklang['mm1']='Maintenance in progress';
$hesklang['mm2']='In order to perform scheduled maintenance, our help desk has shut down temporarily.';
$hesklang['mm3']='We apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you please try again later.';
// Staff notice
$hesklang['mma1']='Maintenance mode is active!';
$hesklang['mma2']='Customers are not able to use the help desk.';
$hesklang['banemail']='Banned Emails';
$hesklang['banemail_intro']='Prevent certain email addresses from submitting tickets to your help desk.';
$hesklang['no_banemails']='<i>No emails are being banned.</i>';
$hesklang['eperm']='Permanent email bans:';
$hesklang['bananemail']='Email address to ban';
$hesklang['savebanemail']='Ban this email';
$hesklang['enterbanemail']='Enter the email address you wish to ban.';
$hesklang['validbanemail']='Enter a valid email address (<i></i>) or email domain (<i></i>)';
$hesklang['email_banned']='The email address <i>%s</i> was banned and HESK will no longer accept tickets from this address.'; // %s will be replaced with email
$hesklang['emailbanexists']='The email address <i>%s</i> is already banned.'; // %s will be replaced with email
$hesklang['email_unbanned']='Email ban deleted';
$hesklang['banby']='Banned by';
$hesklang['delban']='Delete ban';
$hesklang['delban_confirm']='Delete this ban?';
$hesklang['baned_e']='You have been banned from submiting new support tickets.';
$hesklang['baned_ip']='You have been banned from this help desk';
$hesklang['can_ban_emails']='Can ban emails';
$hesklang['can_unban_emails']='Can unban emails (enables Can ban emails)';
$hesklang['eisban']='This email address is banned.';
$hesklang['click_unban']='Click here to unban.';
$hesklang['banip']='Banned IPs';
$hesklang['banip_intro']='Visitors from banned IP addresses will not be able to view or submit tickets and login into the help desk.';
$hesklang['ipperm']='Permanent IP bans:';
$hesklang['iptemp']='Login failure bans:';
$hesklang['savebanip']='Ban this IP';
$hesklang['no_banips']='<i>No IPs are being banned.</i>';
$hesklang['bananip']='IP address to ban';
$hesklang['iprange']='IP range';
$hesklang['savebanip']='Ban this IP';
$hesklang['ippermban']='Ban this IP permanently';
$hesklang['enterbanip']='Enter the IP address or range you wish to ban.';
$hesklang['validbanip']='Enter a valid IP address or IP range';
$hesklang['ip_banned']='The IP address <i>%s</i> was banned and HESK will no longer accept tickets from this IP address.'; // %s will be replaced with ip
$hesklang['ip_rbanned']='The IP range <i>%s</i> was banned and HESK will no longer accept tickets from this IP range.'; // %s will be replaced with ip
$hesklang['ipbanexists']='The IP address <i>%s</i> is already banned.'; // %s will be replaced with ip
$hesklang['iprbanexists']='The IP range <i>%s</i> is already banned.'; // %s will be replaced with ip
$hesklang['ip_unbanned']='IP ban deleted';
$hesklang['ip_tempun']='Temporary IP ban deleted';
$hesklang['can_ban_ips']='Can ban ips';
$hesklang['can_unban_ips']='Can unban ips (enables Can ban ips)';
$hesklang['ipisban']='This IP address is banned.';
$hesklang['m2e']='Expires in (minutes)';
$hesklang['sm_title']='Service messages';
$hesklang['sm_intro']='Display a service message in the customer area, for example to notify them about known issues and important news.';
$hesklang['can_service_msg']='Edit service messages';
$hesklang['new_sm']='New service message';
$hesklang['edit_sm']='Edit service message';
$hesklang['ex_sm']='Existing service messages';
$hesklang['sm_save']='Save service message';
$hesklang['sm_preview']='Preview service message';
$hesklang['sm_e_title']='Enter service message title';
$hesklang['sm_e_msg']='Enter service message';
$hesklang['sm_e_id']='Missing message ID';
$hesklang['sm_added']='A new service message has been added';
$hesklang['sm_deleted']='Service message deleted';
$hesklang['sm_not_found']='This service message does not exist';
$hesklang['no_sm']='No service messages';
$hesklang['del_sm']='Delete this service message?';
$hesklang['sm_mdf']='Service message has been saved';
$hesklang['sska']='Show suggested articles';
$hesklang['taws']='These articles were suggested:';
$hesklang['pncn']='Select notify customer option in the new ticket form';
$hesklang['pncr']='Select notify customer option in the ticket reply form';
$hesklang['pssy']='Show what knowledgebase articles were suggested to customers';
$hesklang['ccct']='Customer resolve';
$hesklang['custnot']='Notify customers when';
$hesklang['notnew']='A new support ticket is submitted';
$hesklang['notclo']='A support ticket is marked Resolved';
$hesklang['enn']='Except for Email piping/POP3 fetching if email subject contains:';
$hesklang['spamn']='SPAM notice';
$hesklang['spam_inbox']='<span style="color:red"><b>No confirmation email?</b><br />We sent a confirmation message to your email address. If you do not receive it within a few minutes, please check your Junk, Bulk or Spam folders. Mark the message as <b>Not SPAM</b> to avoid problems receiving our correspondence in the future.</span>';
$hesklang['s_ekb']='Enable Knowledgebase';
$hesklang['ekb_n']='<b>NO</b>, disable Knowledgebase';
$hesklang['ekb_y']='<b>YES</b>, enable Knowledgebase';
$hesklang['ekb_o']='<b>YES</b>, use HESK as a Knowledgebase only (<i>disable help desk</i>)';
$hesklang['kb_set']='Knowledgebase settings';
$hesklang['kbo1']='Knowledgebase-only mode';
$hesklang['kbo2']='<br /><br />Visitors cannot submit new support tickets and are taken directly to the knowledgebase.';
$hesklang['fpass']='Forgot your password?';
$hesklang['passr']='Password reset';
$hesklang['passa']='Allow users to reset a forgot password over email';
$hesklang['passe']='Enter your email address';
$hesklang['passs']='Send me password reset link';
$hesklang['noace']='No account with that email address was found';
$hesklang['pemls']='We sent you an email with instructions on how to reset your password';
$hesklang['reset_password']='Reset your help desk password'; // Email subject
$hesklang['ehash']='Invalid or expired password reset link';
$hesklang['ehaip']='Wrong IP address. Passwords may only be reset from the IP address that requested password reset.';
$hesklang['resim']='<b>Setup your new password in the form below!</b>';
$hesklang['atype']='Account type';
$hesklang['oon1']='Send me only open tickets';
$hesklang['oon2']='Send me all my tickets';
$hesklang['anyown']='Any owner';
$hesklang['pfr']='Another POP3 fetching task is still in progress.';
$hesklang['pjt']='Task timeout';
$hesklang['pjt2']='minutes after start';
$hesklang['sir']='ReCaptcha V1 API (old)';
$hesklang['sir2']='ReCaptcha V2 API (recommended)';
$hesklang['rcpb']='Site key (Public key)';
$hesklang['rcpv']='Secret key (Private key)';
// Language for Google reCaptcha API version 2
// Supported language codes:
// If your language is NOT in the supported langauges, leave 'en'
if (!defined('IN_SCRIPT')) die('PHP syntax OK!');