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#136 Update language file

Mike Koch 7 years ago
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@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
* Language file for Help Desk Software HESK (
* Language: ENGLISH
* Version: 2.6.0 beta 1 from 30th December 2014
* Version: 2.6.0
* Author: Klemen Stirn (
* !!! This file must be saved in UTF-8 encoding without byte order mark (BOM) !!!
@ -1349,7 +1349,8 @@ $hesklang['ms09']='Sep';
$hesklang['lcf']='List date format';
$hesklang['sdf']='Submitted date format';
$hesklang['lcf']='Updated date format';
$hesklang['lcf0']='Short descriptive';
$hesklang['lcf1']='Date and time';
$hesklang['lcf2']='HESK style';
@ -1367,8 +1368,8 @@ $hesklang['ticket_tpl_saved']='Your ticket template has been saved for future us
$hesklang['ticket_tpl_removed']='Selected ticket template has been removed from the database';
$hesklang['ticket_tpl_not_found']='Ticket template not found';
$hesklang['sel_ticket_tpl']='Select the ticket template you would like to edit';
$hesklang['ent_ticket_tpl_title']='Please enter reply title';
$hesklang['ent_ticket_tpl_msg']='Please enter reply message';
$hesklang['ent_ticket_tpl_title']='Please enter template title';
$hesklang['ent_ticket_tpl_msg']='Please enter template message';
$hesklang['ticket_tpl_id']='Missing ticket template ID';
$hesklang['select_ticket_tpl']='Select a ticket template';
$hesklang['list_tickets_cat']='List all tickets in this category';
@ -1397,7 +1398,7 @@ $hesklang['ednote2']='Note message saved';
$hesklang['perm_deny']='Permission denied';
$hesklang['mis_note']='Missing note ID';
$hesklang['no_note']='Note with this ID not found';
$hesklang['save_reply']='Save and continue later';
$hesklang['sacl']='Save and continue later';
$hesklang['reply_saved']='Your reply message has been saved for later.';
$hesklang['submit_as']='Submit as:';
$hesklang['sasc']='Submit as Customer reply';
@ -1428,7 +1429,7 @@ $hesklang['email_unbanned']='Email ban deleted';
$hesklang['banby']='Banned by';
$hesklang['delban']='Delete ban';
$hesklang['delban_confirm']='Delete this ban?';
$hesklang['baned_e']='You have been banned from submiting new support tickets.';
$hesklang['baned_e']='You have been banned from submitting new support tickets.';
$hesklang['baned_ip']='You have been banned from this help desk';
$hesklang['can_ban_emails']='Can ban emails';
$hesklang['can_unban_emails']='Can unban emails (enables Can ban emails)';
@ -1527,6 +1528,9 @@ $hesklang['anyown']='Any owner';
$hesklang['pfr']='Another POP3 fetching task is still in progress.';
$hesklang['pjt']='Task timeout';
$hesklang['pjt2']='minutes after start';
$hesklang['nkba']='Knowledgebase search requires enough unique articles to work properly.<br /><br />Consider adding more articles to the knowledgebase to improve search and article suggestion results.';
$hesklang['saa']='Sticky articles are displayed at the top of articles list';
$hesklang['yhbr']='You have been locked out the system for %s minutes because of too many replies to a ticket.';
$hesklang['sir']='ReCaptcha V1 API (old)';
$hesklang['sir2']='ReCaptcha V2 API (recommended)';
$hesklang['rcpb']='Site key (Public key)';