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Add HESK 2.7.0 language keys

Mike Koch 5 years ago
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@ -1889,5 +1889,162 @@ $hesklang['rcpv']='Secret key (Private key)';
// If your language is NOT in the supported langauges, leave 'en'
// Added or modified in version 2.7.0
$hesklang['imap']='IMAP Fetching';
$hesklang['imaph']='IMAP Host';
$hesklang['imapp']='IMAP Port';
$hesklang['imapu']='IMAP Username';
$hesklang['imapw']='IMAP Password';
$hesklang['imaptest']='Test IMAP connection';
$hesklang['iei']='[HESK] PHP IMAP extension is not installed.';
$hesklang['ifr']='Another IMAP fetching task is still in progress.';
$hesklang['arp']='Auto reload page';
$hesklang['arpp']='Automatically reload page with ticket list every:';
$hesklang['seconds']='seconds'; // Reload page every X 'seconds'
$hesklang['minutes']='minutes'; // Reload page every X 'minutes'
$hesklang['atbr']='This ticket needs to be assigned before it can be replied to.';
$hesklang['attm']='Assign this ticket to me';
$hesklang['owneed']='Owner needed';
$hesklang['taat']='This ticket is already assigned to <b>%s</b>.';
$hesklang['scoy']='Are you sure you want to assign it to yourself?';
$hesklang['scot']='Are you sure you want to assign it to %s?';
$hesklang['ycto']='YES, change the owner';
$hesklang['ncto']='NO, keep current owner';
$hesklang['fass']='Require owner';
$hesklang['req_sub']='Require subject';
$hesklang['req_msg']='Require message';
$hesklang['req_email']='Require email';
$hesklang['default_subject']='Ticket from %s'; // Default ticket subject, %s will be replaced with name
$hesklang['off-hide']='Hide in customer form';
$hesklang['ons']='ON - Everyone'; // For admin settings page
$hesklang['not_valid_email']='Enter a valid email address or leave this field empty';
$hesklang['write_down']='<span style="color:red">We recommend that you write down your Ticket ID for future reference.</span>';
$hesklang['re_confirm1']='Disabling this will also disable "Require email to view tickets" under "Security". Proceed?';
$hesklang['re_confirm2']='Enabling this will also enable "Require email" under "Features". Proceed?';
$hesklang['can_email_tpl']='Edit email templates'; // Staff permission
$hesklang['et_title']='Email templates';
$hesklang['et_intro']='Modify emails that are sent to your staff and customers';
$hesklang['efile']='Editing file';
$hesklang['rdesc']='(Recipient) Description';
$hesklang['desc_forgot_ticket_id'] = '(Customer) Forgot ticket tracking ID';
$hesklang['desc_new_reply_by_staff'] = '(Customer) New staff reply';
$hesklang['desc_new_ticket'] = '(Customer) Ticket received';
$hesklang['desc_ticket_closed'] = '(Customer) Ticket closed/resolved';
$hesklang['desc_category_moved'] = '(Staff) Ticket moved to a new category';
$hesklang['desc_new_reply_by_customer'] = '(Staff) New customer reply';
$hesklang['desc_new_ticket_staff'] = '(Staff) New ticket submitted';
$hesklang['desc_ticket_assigned_to_you'] = '(Staff) A ticket was assigned to you';
$hesklang['desc_new_pm'] = '(Staff) New private message';
$hesklang['desc_new_note'] = '(Staff) New note on a ticket assigned to you';
$hesklang['desc_reset_password'] = '(Staff) Reset your password';
$hesklang['etfm']='One or more email templates are missing.<br /><br />Make sure you upload all email template files inside your <i>/language/%s/emails</i> folder.';
$hesklang['etfw']='Some email templates are not writable.<br /><br />
Make sure PHP has permission to write to all files inside your <i>/language/%s/emails</i> folder.<br /><br />
On Unix servers you might need to CHMOD email templates to 666 (rw-rw-rw-)';
$hesklang['et_e_id']='Missing template ID';
$hesklang['et_fm']='This email template file is missing';
$hesklang['et_fw']='This email template file is not writable';
$hesklang['et_save']='Save email template';
$hesklang['updated_on']='Updated on';
$hesklang['ticket_url']='Ticket URL';
$hesklang['pm_url']='Private message URL';
$hesklang['et_num']='Number of tickets';
$hesklang['et_list']='List of support tickets';
$hesklang['et_empty']='Email template cannot be empty';
$hesklang['et_saved']='Email template saved';
$hesklang['select_category']='Select a category';
$hesklang['select_category_text']='What can we help you with?';
$hesklang['select_category_staff']='Select ticket category';
$hesklang['scat']='Category select limit';
$hesklang['scat2']='(a select box will show if category count is higher)';
$hesklang['new_cf']='New custom field';
$hesklang['cf_intro']='Use this feature to add custom fields to the Submit a ticket form so you can collect additional data from customers.';
$hesklang['cf_private']='Staff only';
$hesklang['cf_cust']='For customers';
$hesklang['cf_ctrl']='Tip: hold down CTRL key to select multiple categories';
$hesklang['cf_save']='Save custom field';
$hesklang['ex_cf']='Active custom fields';
$hesklang['no_cf']='No active custom fields';
$hesklang['del_cf']='Delete this custom field? This will also delete any saved custom field data from the database!';
$hesklang['cf_e_id']='Invalid ID';
$hesklang['edit_cf']='Edit custom field';
$hesklang['cf_deleted']='Custom field deleted';
$hesklang['cf_not_found']='This custom field does not exist';
$hesklang['err_custname']='Enter custom field name';
$hesklang['cf_added']='A new custom field has been added';
$hesklang['cf_nocat']='Select at least one category for this custom field';
$hesklang['cf_mdf']='Custom field has been saved';
$hesklang['opt4']='Options for this checkbox, enter one option per line. Each line will be a choice your customers can choose from, multiple choices are possible.';
$hesklang['atl1']='Enter at least one option.';
$hesklang['meml3']='Allow multiple emails to be entered';
$hesklang['dmin']='Minimum accepted date';
$hesklang['dmax']='Maximum accepted date';
$hesklang['d_any']='Any date';
$hesklang['d_fixed']='Fixed date';
$hesklang['d_relative']='Relative date';
$hesklang['d_mm']='Minimum date may not be higher than maximum date';
$hesklang['d_emin']='Minimum date for <i>%s</i> is %s'; // Minimum date for FIELD_NAME is DATE
$hesklang['d_emax']='Maximum date for <i>%s</i> is %s'; // Maximum date for FIELD_NAME is DATE
$hesklang['d_format']='Date display format';
$hesklang['d_custom']='Custom format';
$hesklang['d_ci']='ADVANCED USERS ONLY: a valid PHP date format, see PHP manual.';
$hesklang['cf_noe']='Enter a valid email address into <i>%s</i>';
$hesklang['cf_noem']='Enter one or more valid email addresses into <i>%s</i>';
$hesklang['cf_limit']='You have 50 active custom fields, no new can be created.';
$hesklang['can_resolve']='Can resolve tickets';
$hesklang['can_change_cat']='Change ticket category (to any)';
$hesklang['can_change_own_cat']='Change ticket category (to allowed)';
$hesklang['can_submit_any_cat']='Can submit tickets to any category';
$hesklang['noauth_submit']='You are not authorized to submit tickets to this category!';
$hesklang['noauth_move']='You are not authorized to move tickets to this category!';
$hesklang['noauth_resolve']='You are not authorized to resolve tickets!';
$hesklang['force_ssl']='Force SSL connections';
$hesklang['d_ssl']='<i>disabled</i> - open this page with https:// to manage this option';
$hesklang['enn']='Except for tickets from emails if email subject contains:';
$hesklang['scno']='This status cannot be changed';
$hesklang['statuses_intro']='Use this tool to add custom ticket statuses to your help desk';
$hesklang['csscl']='CSS class or color';
$hesklang['clr_view']='Color preview on text';
$hesklang['cbc']='Changeable by customers';
$hesklang['ccc']='Can customers change this status?';
$hesklang['del_status']='Delete this status?';
$hesklang['ex_status']='Existing Statuses';
$hesklang['status_hesk']='Built-in Statuses (cannot be modified here)';
$hesklang['status_custom']='Custom Statuses';
$hesklang['status_custom_none']='No custom statuses. You can add them using the form above.';
$hesklang['status_save']='Save Status';
$hesklang['list_tkt_status']='List all tickets with this status';
$hesklang['new_status']='New custom status';
$hesklang['edit_status']='Edit custom status';
$hesklang['err_status']='Enter the status name';
$hesklang['status_added']='A new custom status has been added';
$hesklang['status_e_id']='Invalid ID';
$hesklang['status_mdf']='Custom status has been saved';
$hesklang['status_deleted']='Custom status deleted';
$hesklang['status_not_found']='This custom status does not exist';
$hesklang['status_not_empty']='This status cannot be removed because tickets with this status exist';
$hesklang['status_limit']='You have 100 custom statuses, no new can be created.';
$hesklang['public_link']='Public link'; // Link to the public KB article in the private KB pages
$hesklang['frames2']='Prevent loading HESK in frames on third party domains';
if (!defined('IN_SCRIPT')) die('PHP syntax OK!');