Mobile public app for Helena Express
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Skylar Ittner 06c691aef2 Adjustments 4 days ago
nbproject Add note that prepaid pickups may cost extra 1 month ago
res Improve splashscreen 9 months ago
scripts Trim bloat 9 months ago
src/android Fix generate credits for Ma 2 years ago
www Change Drop and Send time warning to 3PM since Helena PO critical entry moved an hour earlier 5 days ago
.directory First commit 3 years ago
.gitignore First commit 3 years ago First commit 3 years ago
config.xml Adjustments 4 days ago Cordova update stuff (Android and splashscreen mostly) 9 months ago
package-lock.json Fix sharing plugin not working on Android 12 9 months ago
package.json Bump version to 2.0.4 5 months ago