Change Drop and Send time warning to 3PM since Helena PO critical entry moved an hour earlier

Skylar Ittner 1 year ago
parent e0a2e91b85
commit f23fc2417d

@ -41,11 +41,11 @@
<li class="padding text-align-center" id="pickupLateInDayWarning" style="display: none;">
<i class="fa-duotone fa-clock fa-2x text-color-purple"></i><br>
Packages dropped off after 4PM might not be shipped until the following day.
Packages dropped off after 3PM might not be shipped until the following day.
<li class="padding text-align-center" id="pickupWeekendWarning" style="display: none;">
<i class="fa-duotone fa-calendar-exclamation fa-2x text-color-blue"></i><br>
Most packages won't leave Helena until Monday.
We pick up packages every day, but many won't ship out until Monday.
<div class="item-content item-link hapticbtn popup-open" data-popup="#dasHowItWorksPopup">

@ -401,7 +401,7 @@ var routes = [
var hourofday = formatTimestamp("H");
if (hourofday > 12 + 4) {
if (hourofday > 12 + 3) {
$("#pickupLateInDayWarning").css("display", "");