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<div class="title">PostalPoint Kiosk</div>
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<div class="block margin-bottom" id="postalpoint-dyncontent">
Our network of PostalPoint kiosks are a quick and convenient way to
send mail and packages. Located in local businesses, our kiosks have an
easy to use touchscreen and a secure parcel drop. You pay the normal
USPS prices without markup or fees.
<br /><br />
Walk in, put your box on the scale, answer a few questions, tap your
card, and get a shipping label (with postage). Then just place your package
in the secure locker. The kiosk can print or email a receipt so you'll
have the tracking number.
<div class="block margin-bottom">
Don't like typing addresses on the kiosk? With Quick Send, you can type
right here instead! Tap the button below, then tap "Quick Send" on the kiosk.
<div class="block">
<div class="button" onclick='router.navigate("/quicksend");'>
Open Quick Send
<div class="col-100 medium-50">
<div class="block-title">Locations</div>
<div class="list media-list">
{{#each locations}}
<a href="geo:{{geo}}" class="item-link item-content">
<div class="item-inner">
<div class="item-title-row">
<div class="item-title">{{name}}</div>
<div class="item-text">{{info}}</div>
<div class="item-text">{{hours}}</div>

@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ var pagesToCompile = [
console.log("Compiling page templates...");
@ -409,6 +410,48 @@ var routes = [
path: '/postalpoint',
name: 'postalpoint',
async: function ( {resolve, reject}) {
apirequest(SETTINGS.apis.postalpoint_locations, [], function (resp) {
var locations = [];
for (var i = 0; i < resp.features.length; i++) {
name: resp.features[i],
info: resp.features[i],
hours: resp.features[i].properties.hours,
geo: resp.features[i].geometry.coordinates[1] + "," + resp.features[i].geometry.coordinates[0]
content: compiledPages.postalpoint({
locations: locations
}, {});
}, function (error) {
app.dialog.alert("Couldn't download the list of PostalPoint locations. Try again later.", "Whoops!");
sendErrorReport("PostalPoint", "Loading locations");
content: compiledPages.postalpoint({
locations: []
}, {});
}, "GET");
on: {
pageBeforeIn: function () {
dyncontent = getDynamicPageContent("postalpoint");
if (dyncontent != null) {
path: '/pickup',
name: 'pickup',

@ -55,7 +55,8 @@ var SETTINGS = {
moneyorderverify: "",
// Label maker
label_rates: "",
label_purchase: ""
label_purchase: "",
postalpoint_locations: ""
stripe_pubkey: "pk_test_51J6qFXCa1Fboir5UzPO3LCiMsVNiFP2lq4wR0dEcjJJVzAaJ3uRggDekZPB3qeYpMD3ayIYHKyD5sSn0IFLlEXMW001LqrvGSH",
branding: {