An open source code of conduct that respects all people without tolerating abuse.
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Catholic Code of Conduct

The Catholic Code of Conduct is designed to apply the examples of Jesus and the lives of the saints to open source projects.

Current Version: 1.0


Q: Do contributors have to be Catholic?
A: No. The CCoC is written to be accepting of all people with good will.

Q: Can SJWs abuse this code of conduct to push their own agendas?
A: We don't think so, but if they find a way we will amend it.

Q: This CoC isn't clear on a topic, what should I do?
A: Open an issue about it and see what the Catechism says while you wait.

Q: Can I replace "Catholic" with something else?
A: Sure. We suggest "Universal" as a synonym without the religious vibe.


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