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all: youtube-dl README.md CONTRIBUTING.md README.txt youtube-dl.1 youtube-dl.bash-completion youtube-dl.zsh youtube-dl.fish supportedsites
rm -rf youtube-dl.1.temp.md youtube-dl.1 youtube-dl.bash-completion README.txt MANIFEST build/ dist/ .coverage cover/ youtube-dl.tar.gz youtube-dl.zsh youtube-dl.fish youtube_dl/extractor/lazy_extractors.py *.dump *.part* *.ytdl *.info.json *.mp4 *.m4a *.flv *.mp3 *.avi *.mkv *.webm *.3gp *.wav *.ape *.swf *.jpg *.png CONTRIBUTING.md.tmp youtube-dl youtube-dl.exe
find . -name "*.pyc" -delete
find . -name "*.class" -delete
PREFIX ?= /usr/local
PYTHON ?= /usr/bin/env python
# set SYSCONFDIR to /etc if PREFIX=/usr or PREFIX=/usr/local
SYSCONFDIR = $(shell if [ $(PREFIX) = /usr -o $(PREFIX) = /usr/local ]; then echo /etc; else echo $(PREFIX)/etc; fi)
# set markdown input format to "markdown-smart" for pandoc version 2 and to "markdown" for pandoc prior to version 2
MARKDOWN = $(shell if [ `pandoc -v | head -n1 | cut -d" " -f2 | head -c1` = "2" ]; then echo markdown-smart; else echo markdown; fi)
install: youtube-dl youtube-dl.1 youtube-dl.bash-completion youtube-dl.zsh youtube-dl.fish
install -d $(DESTDIR)$(BINDIR)
install -m 755 youtube-dl $(DESTDIR)$(BINDIR)
install -d $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man1
install -m 644 youtube-dl.1 $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man1
install -d $(DESTDIR)$(SYSCONFDIR)/bash_completion.d
install -m 644 youtube-dl.bash-completion $(DESTDIR)$(SYSCONFDIR)/bash_completion.d/youtube-dl
install -d $(DESTDIR)$(SHAREDIR)/zsh/site-functions
install -m 644 youtube-dl.zsh $(DESTDIR)$(SHAREDIR)/zsh/site-functions/_youtube-dl
install -d $(DESTDIR)$(SYSCONFDIR)/fish/completions
install -m 644 youtube-dl.fish $(DESTDIR)$(SYSCONFDIR)/fish/completions/youtube-dl.fish
flake8 .
#nosetests --with-coverage --cover-package=youtube_dl --cover-html --verbose --processes 4 test
nosetests --verbose test
$(MAKE) codetest
ot: offlinetest
# Keep this list in sync with devscripts/run_tests.sh
offlinetest: codetest
$(PYTHON) -m nose --verbose test \
--exclude test_age_restriction.py \
--exclude test_download.py \
--exclude test_iqiyi_sdk_interpreter.py \
--exclude test_socks.py \
--exclude test_subtitles.py \
--exclude test_write_annotations.py \
--exclude test_youtube_lists.py \
--exclude test_youtube_signature.py
tar: youtube-dl.tar.gz
.PHONY: all clean install test tar bash-completion pypi-files zsh-completion fish-completion ot offlinetest codetest supportedsites
pypi-files: youtube-dl.bash-completion README.txt youtube-dl.1 youtube-dl.fish
youtube-dl: youtube_dl/*.py youtube_dl/*/*.py
mkdir -p zip
for d in youtube_dl youtube_dl/downloader youtube_dl/extractor youtube_dl/postprocessor ; do \
mkdir -p zip/$$d ;\
cp -pPR $$d/*.py zip/$$d/ ;\
touch -t 200001010101 zip/youtube_dl/*.py zip/youtube_dl/*/*.py
mv zip/youtube_dl/__main__.py zip/
cd zip ; zip -q ../youtube-dl youtube_dl/*.py youtube_dl/*/*.py __main__.py
rm -rf zip
echo '#!$(PYTHON)' > youtube-dl
cat youtube-dl.zip >> youtube-dl
rm youtube-dl.zip
chmod a+x youtube-dl
README.md: youtube_dl/*.py youtube_dl/*/*.py
COLUMNS=80 $(PYTHON) youtube_dl/__main__.py --help | $(PYTHON) devscripts/make_readme.py
$(PYTHON) devscripts/make_contributing.py README.md CONTRIBUTING.md
issuetemplates: devscripts/make_issue_template.py .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/1_broken_site.md .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/2_site_support_request.md .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/3_site_feature_request.md .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/4_bug_report.md .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/5_feature_request.md youtube_dl/version.py
$(PYTHON) devscripts/make_issue_template.py .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/1_broken_site.md .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/1_broken_site.md
$(PYTHON) devscripts/make_issue_template.py .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/2_site_support_request.md .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/2_site_support_request.md
$(PYTHON) devscripts/make_issue_template.py .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/3_site_feature_request.md .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/3_site_feature_request.md
$(PYTHON) devscripts/make_issue_template.py .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/4_bug_report.md .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/4_bug_report.md
$(PYTHON) devscripts/make_issue_template.py .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/5_feature_request.md .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/5_feature_request.md
$(PYTHON) devscripts/make_supportedsites.py docs/supportedsites.md
pandoc -f $(MARKDOWN) -t plain README.md -o README.txt
youtube-dl.1: README.md
$(PYTHON) devscripts/prepare_manpage.py youtube-dl.1.temp.md
pandoc -s -f $(MARKDOWN) -t man youtube-dl.1.temp.md -o youtube-dl.1
rm -f youtube-dl.1.temp.md
youtube-dl.bash-completion: youtube_dl/*.py youtube_dl/*/*.py devscripts/bash-completion.in
$(PYTHON) devscripts/bash-completion.py
bash-completion: youtube-dl.bash-completion
youtube-dl.zsh: youtube_dl/*.py youtube_dl/*/*.py devscripts/zsh-completion.in
$(PYTHON) devscripts/zsh-completion.py
zsh-completion: youtube-dl.zsh
youtube-dl.fish: youtube_dl/*.py youtube_dl/*/*.py devscripts/fish-completion.in
$(PYTHON) devscripts/fish-completion.py
fish-completion: youtube-dl.fish
lazy-extractors: youtube_dl/extractor/lazy_extractors.py
_EXTRACTOR_FILES = $(shell find youtube_dl/extractor -iname '*.py' -and -not -iname 'lazy_extractors.py')
youtube_dl/extractor/lazy_extractors.py: devscripts/make_lazy_extractors.py devscripts/lazy_load_template.py $(_EXTRACTOR_FILES)
$(PYTHON) devscripts/make_lazy_extractors.py $@
youtube-dl.tar.gz: youtube-dl README.md README.txt youtube-dl.1 youtube-dl.bash-completion youtube-dl.zsh youtube-dl.fish ChangeLog AUTHORS
@tar -czf youtube-dl.tar.gz --transform "s|^|youtube-dl/|" --owner 0 --group 0 \
--exclude '*.DS_Store' \
--exclude '*.kate-swp' \
--exclude '*.pyc' \
--exclude '*.pyo' \
--exclude '*~' \
--exclude '__pycache__' \
--exclude '.git' \
--exclude 'docs/_build' \
-- \
bin devscripts test youtube_dl docs \
Makefile MANIFEST.in youtube-dl.1 youtube-dl.bash-completion \
youtube-dl.zsh youtube-dl.fish setup.py setup.cfg \