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# coding: utf-8
from __future__ import unicode_literals
import re
from .common import InfoExtractor
from ..compat import (
from ..utils import (
class FrontendMastersBaseIE(InfoExtractor):
_API_BASE = 'https://api.frontendmasters.com/v1/kabuki'
_LOGIN_URL = 'https://frontendmasters.com/login/'
_NETRC_MACHINE = 'frontendmasters'
'low': {'width': 480, 'height': 360},
'mid': {'width': 1280, 'height': 720},
'high': {'width': 1920, 'height': 1080}
def _real_initialize(self):
def _login(self):
(username, password) = self._get_login_info()
if username is None:
login_page = self._download_webpage(
self._LOGIN_URL, None, 'Downloading login page')
login_form = self._hidden_inputs(login_page)
'username': username,
'password': password
post_url = self._search_regex(
r'<form[^>]+action=(["\'])(?P<url>.+?)\1', login_page,
'post_url', default=self._LOGIN_URL, group='url')
if not post_url.startswith('http'):
post_url = compat_urlparse.urljoin(self._LOGIN_URL, post_url)
response = self._download_webpage(
post_url, None, 'Logging in', data=urlencode_postdata(login_form),
headers={'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'})
# Successful login
if any(p in response for p in (
'wp-login.php?action=logout', '>Logout')):
error = self._html_search_regex(
response, 'error message', default=None, group='error')
if error:
raise ExtractorError('Unable to login: %s' % error, expected=True)
raise ExtractorError('Unable to log in')
class FrontendMastersPageBaseIE(FrontendMastersBaseIE):
def _download_course(self, course_name, url):
return self._download_json(
'%s/courses/%s' % (self._API_BASE, course_name), course_name,
'Downloading course JSON', headers={'Referer': url})
def _extract_chapters(course):
chapters = []
lesson_elements = course.get('lessonElements')
if isinstance(lesson_elements, list):
chapters = [url_or_none(e) for e in lesson_elements if url_or_none(e)]
return chapters
def _extract_lesson(chapters, lesson_id, lesson):
title = lesson.get('title') or lesson_id
display_id = lesson.get('slug')
description = lesson.get('description')
thumbnail = lesson.get('thumbnail')
chapter_number = None
index = lesson.get('index')
element_index = lesson.get('elementIndex')
if (isinstance(index, int) and isinstance(element_index, int)
and index < element_index):
chapter_number = element_index - index
chapter = (chapters[chapter_number - 1]
if chapter_number - 1 < len(chapters) else None)
duration = None
timestamp = lesson.get('timestamp')
if isinstance(timestamp, compat_str):
mobj = re.search(
if mobj:
duration = parse_duration(mobj.group('end')) - parse_duration(
return {
'_type': 'url_transparent',
'url': 'frontendmasters:%s' % lesson_id,
'ie_key': FrontendMastersIE.ie_key(),
'id': lesson_id,
'display_id': display_id,
'title': title,
'description': description,
'thumbnail': thumbnail,
'duration': duration,
'chapter': chapter,
'chapter_number': chapter_number,
class FrontendMastersIE(FrontendMastersBaseIE):
_VALID_URL = r'(?:frontendmasters:|https?://api\.frontendmasters\.com/v\d+/kabuki/video/)(?P<id>[^/]+)'
_TESTS = [{
'url': 'https://api.frontendmasters.com/v1/kabuki/video/a2qogef6ba',
'md5': '7f161159710d6b7016a4f4af6fcb05e2',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'a2qogef6ba',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'a2qogef6ba',
'skip': 'Requires FrontendMasters account credentials',
}, {
'url': 'frontendmasters:a2qogef6ba',
'only_matching': True,
def _real_extract(self, url):
lesson_id = self._match_id(url)
source_url = '%s/video/%s/source' % (self._API_BASE, lesson_id)
formats = []
for ext in ('webm', 'mp4'):
for quality in ('low', 'mid', 'high'):
resolution = self._QUALITIES[quality].copy()
format_id = '%s-%s' % (ext, quality)
format_url = self._download_json(
source_url, lesson_id,
'Downloading %s source JSON' % format_id, query={
'f': ext,
'r': resolution['height'],
}, headers={
'Referer': url,
}, fatal=False)['url']
if not format_url:
f = resolution.copy()
'url': format_url,
'ext': ext,
'format_id': format_id,
subtitles = {
'en': [{
'url': '%s/transcripts/%s.vtt' % (self._API_BASE, lesson_id),
return {
'id': lesson_id,
'title': lesson_id,
'formats': formats,
'subtitles': subtitles
class FrontendMastersLessonIE(FrontendMastersPageBaseIE):
_VALID_URL = r'https?://(?:www\.)?frontendmasters\.com/courses/(?P<course_name>[^/]+)/(?P<lesson_name>[^/]+)'
_TEST = {
'url': 'https://frontendmasters.com/courses/web-development/tools',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'a2qogef6ba',
'display_id': 'tools',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'Tools',
'description': 'md5:82c1ea6472e88ed5acd1829fe992e4f7',
'thumbnail': r're:^https?://.*\.jpg$',
'chapter': 'Introduction',
'chapter_number': 1,
'params': {
'skip_download': True,
'skip': 'Requires FrontendMasters account credentials',
def _real_extract(self, url):
mobj = re.match(self._VALID_URL, url)
course_name, lesson_name = mobj.group('course_name', 'lesson_name')
course = self._download_course(course_name, url)
lesson_id, lesson = next(
(video_id, data)
for video_id, data in course['lessonData'].items()
if data.get('slug') == lesson_name)
chapters = self._extract_chapters(course)
return self._extract_lesson(chapters, lesson_id, lesson)
class FrontendMastersCourseIE(FrontendMastersPageBaseIE):
_VALID_URL = r'https?://(?:www\.)?frontendmasters\.com/courses/(?P<id>[^/]+)'
_TEST = {
'url': 'https://frontendmasters.com/courses/web-development/',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'web-development',
'title': 'Introduction to Web Development',
'description': 'md5:9317e6e842098bf725d62360e52d49a6',
'playlist_count': 81,
'skip': 'Requires FrontendMasters account credentials',
def suitable(cls, url):
return False if FrontendMastersLessonIE.suitable(url) else super(
FrontendMastersBaseIE, cls).suitable(url)
def _real_extract(self, url):
course_name = self._match_id(url)
course = self._download_course(course_name, url)
chapters = self._extract_chapters(course)
lessons = sorted(
course['lessonData'].values(), key=lambda data: data['index'])
entries = []
for lesson in lessons:
lesson_name = lesson.get('slug')
if not lesson_name:
lesson_id = lesson.get('hash') or lesson.get('statsId')
entries.append(self._extract_lesson(chapters, lesson_id, lesson))
title = course.get('title')
description = course.get('description')
return self.playlist_result(entries, course_name, title, description)