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from __future__ import unicode_literals
import errno
import io
import hashlib
import json
import os.path
import re
import types
import ssl
import sys
import youtube_dl.extractor
from youtube_dl import YoutubeDL
from youtube_dl.compat import (
from youtube_dl.utils import (
def get_params(override=None):
PARAMETERS_FILE = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__)),
LOCAL_PARAMETERS_FILE = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__)),
with io.open(PARAMETERS_FILE, encoding='utf-8') as pf:
parameters = json.load(pf)
if os.path.exists(LOCAL_PARAMETERS_FILE):
with io.open(LOCAL_PARAMETERS_FILE, encoding='utf-8') as pf:
if override:
return parameters
def try_rm(filename):
""" Remove a file if it exists """
except OSError as ose:
if ose.errno != errno.ENOENT:
def report_warning(message):
Print the message to stderr, it will be prefixed with 'WARNING:'
If stderr is a tty file the 'WARNING:' will be colored
if sys.stderr.isatty() and compat_os_name != 'nt':
_msg_header = '\033[0;33mWARNING:\033[0m'
_msg_header = 'WARNING:'
output = '%s %s\n' % (_msg_header, message)
if 'b' in getattr(sys.stderr, 'mode', '') or sys.version_info[0] < 3:
output = output.encode(preferredencoding())
class FakeYDL(YoutubeDL):
def __init__(self, override=None):
# Different instances of the downloader can't share the same dictionary
# some test set the "sublang" parameter, which would break the md5 checks.
params = get_params(override=override)
super(FakeYDL, self).__init__(params, auto_init=False)
self.result = []
def to_screen(self, s, skip_eol=None):
def trouble(self, s, tb=None):
raise Exception(s)
def download(self, x):
def expect_warning(self, regex):
# Silence an expected warning matching a regex
old_report_warning = self.report_warning
def report_warning(self, message):
if re.match(regex, message):
self.report_warning = types.MethodType(report_warning, self)
def gettestcases(include_onlymatching=False):
for ie in youtube_dl.extractor.gen_extractors():
for tc in ie.get_testcases(include_onlymatching):
yield tc
md5 = lambda s: hashlib.md5(s.encode('utf-8')).hexdigest()
def expect_value(self, got, expected, field):
if isinstance(expected, compat_str) and expected.startswith('re:'):
match_str = expected[len('re:'):]
match_rex = re.compile(match_str)
isinstance(got, compat_str),
'Expected a %s object, but got %s for field %s' % (
compat_str.__name__, type(got).__name__, field))
'field %s (value: %r) should match %r' % (field, got, match_str))
elif isinstance(expected, compat_str) and expected.startswith('startswith:'):
start_str = expected[len('startswith:'):]
isinstance(got, compat_str),
'Expected a %s object, but got %s for field %s' % (
compat_str.__name__, type(got).__name__, field))
'field %s (value: %r) should start with %r' % (field, got, start_str))
elif isinstance(expected, compat_str) and expected.startswith('contains:'):
contains_str = expected[len('contains:'):]
isinstance(got, compat_str),
'Expected a %s object, but got %s for field %s' % (
compat_str.__name__, type(got).__name__, field))
contains_str in got,
'field %s (value: %r) should contain %r' % (field, got, contains_str))
elif isinstance(expected, type):
isinstance(got, expected),
'Expected type %r for field %s, but got value %r of type %r' % (expected, field, got, type(got)))
elif isinstance(expected, dict) and isinstance(got, dict):
expect_dict(self, got, expected)
elif isinstance(expected, list) and isinstance(got, list):
len(expected), len(got),
'Expect a list of length %d, but got a list of length %d for field %s' % (
len(expected), len(got), field))
for index, (item_got, item_expected) in enumerate(zip(got, expected)):
type_got = type(item_got)
type_expected = type(item_expected)
type_expected, type_got,
'Type mismatch for list item at index %d for field %s, expected %r, got %r' % (
index, field, type_expected, type_got))
expect_value(self, item_got, item_expected, field)
if isinstance(expected, compat_str) and expected.startswith('md5:'):
isinstance(got, compat_str),
'Expected field %s to be a unicode object, but got value %r of type %r' % (field, got, type(got)))
got = 'md5:' + md5(got)
elif isinstance(expected, compat_str) and re.match(r'^(?:min|max)?count:\d+', expected):
isinstance(got, (list, dict)),
'Expected field %s to be a list or a dict, but it is of type %s' % (
field, type(got).__name__))
op, _, expected_num = expected.partition(':')
expected_num = int(expected_num)
if op == 'mincount':
assert_func = assertGreaterEqual
msg_tmpl = 'Expected %d items in field %s, but only got %d'
elif op == 'maxcount':
assert_func = assertLessEqual
msg_tmpl = 'Expected maximum %d items in field %s, but got %d'
elif op == 'count':
assert_func = assertEqual
msg_tmpl = 'Expected exactly %d items in field %s, but got %d'
assert False
self, len(got), expected_num,
msg_tmpl % (expected_num, field, len(got)))
expected, got,
'Invalid value for field %s, expected %r, got %r' % (field, expected, got))
def expect_dict(self, got_dict, expected_dict):
for info_field, expected in expected_dict.items():
got = got_dict.get(info_field)
expect_value(self, got, expected, info_field)
def expect_info_dict(self, got_dict, expected_dict):
expect_dict(self, got_dict, expected_dict)
# Check for the presence of mandatory fields
if got_dict.get('_type') not in ('playlist', 'multi_video'):
for key in ('id', 'url', 'title', 'ext'):
self.assertTrue(got_dict.get(key), 'Missing mandatory field %s' % key)
# Check for mandatory fields that are automatically set by YoutubeDL
for key in ['webpage_url', 'extractor', 'extractor_key']:
self.assertTrue(got_dict.get(key), 'Missing field: %s' % key)
# Are checkable fields missing from the test case definition?
test_info_dict = dict((key, value if not isinstance(value, compat_str) or len(value) < 250 else 'md5:' + md5(value))
for key, value in got_dict.items()
if value and key in ('id', 'title', 'description', 'uploader', 'upload_date', 'timestamp', 'uploader_id', 'location', 'age_limit'))
missing_keys = set(test_info_dict.keys()) - set(expected_dict.keys())
if missing_keys:
def _repr(v):
if isinstance(v, compat_str):
return "'%s'" % v.replace('\\', '\\\\').replace("'", "\\'").replace('\n', '\\n')
return repr(v)
info_dict_str = ''
if len(missing_keys) != len(expected_dict):
info_dict_str += ''.join(
' %s: %s,\n' % (_repr(k), _repr(v))
for k, v in test_info_dict.items() if k not in missing_keys)
if info_dict_str:
info_dict_str += '\n'
info_dict_str += ''.join(
' %s: %s,\n' % (_repr(k), _repr(test_info_dict[k]))
for k in missing_keys)
'\n\'info_dict\': {\n' + info_dict_str + '},\n', out=sys.stderr)
'Missing keys in test definition: %s' % (
', '.join(sorted(missing_keys))))
def assertRegexpMatches(self, text, regexp, msg=None):
if hasattr(self, 'assertRegexp'):
return self.assertRegexp(text, regexp, msg)
m = re.match(regexp, text)
if not m:
note = 'Regexp didn\'t match: %r not found' % (regexp)
if len(text) < 1000:
note += ' in %r' % text
if msg is None:
msg = note
msg = note + ', ' + msg
self.assertTrue(m, msg)
def assertGreaterEqual(self, got, expected, msg=None):
if not (got >= expected):
if msg is None:
msg = '%r not greater than or equal to %r' % (got, expected)
self.assertTrue(got >= expected, msg)
def assertLessEqual(self, got, expected, msg=None):
if not (got <= expected):
if msg is None:
msg = '%r not less than or equal to %r' % (got, expected)
self.assertTrue(got <= expected, msg)
def assertEqual(self, got, expected, msg=None):
if not (got == expected):
if msg is None:
msg = '%r not equal to %r' % (got, expected)
self.assertTrue(got == expected, msg)
def expect_warnings(ydl, warnings_re):
real_warning = ydl.report_warning
def _report_warning(w):
if not any(re.search(w_re, w) for w_re in warnings_re):
ydl.report_warning = _report_warning
def http_server_port(httpd):
if os.name == 'java' and isinstance(httpd.socket, ssl.SSLSocket):
# In Jython SSLSocket is not a subclass of socket.socket
sock = httpd.socket.sock
sock = httpd.socket
return sock.getsockname()[1]