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  Glen Cheney 9fd4b557b6
Delete ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md 1 month ago
  Glen Cheney 51b5a76650
Update issue templates (#282) 1 month ago
  Glen Cheney 5115fbd240 Replace core-js with polyfill.io 1 month ago
  Glen Cheney 995e27a369 Update license year 1 month ago
  Glen Cheney 8962f8087b
Move to jest for testing (#278) 1 month ago
  greenkeeper[bot] d0bd0413fd chore(package): update gulp-shell to version 0.7.0 (#274) 1 month ago
  greenkeeper[bot] 2b256abf06 chore(package): update mocha to version 6.0.0 (#272) 3 months ago
  Glen Cheney c742bfaefc Upgrade rollup 4 months ago
  Glen Cheney dd1df1208d Add link to homepage codepen demo 5 months ago
  Glen Cheney c0b462122b Update react demo with React.createRef 5 months ago
  Glen Cheney f4e388e9ab Update eslint rules 5 months ago
  greenkeeper[bot] b2bc8c9908 chore(package): update rollup-plugin-node-resolve to version 4.0.0 (#265) 5 months ago
  Glen Cheney 1fe691c341 5.2.1 5 months ago
  Glen Cheney b9f31a6875 Run css task in default task 5 months ago
  Glen Cheney 4884e668d8 Upgrade ESLint and fix issues 5 months ago
  Glen Cheney 0c8c350868 upgrade build dependencies 5 months ago
  Glen Cheney 51aacbd5f9 Add docs for how to release a new version 5 months ago
  Glen Cheney a3c48e2ae4 Markdown lint 5 months ago
  Glen Cheney be410cc17f Change typings to use default export #214 5 months ago
  Glen Cheney a4d99b9af9 5.2.0 9 months ago
  Glen Cheney 9320609da8 Rebuild with updated dependencies #245. Remove some empty selectors. 9 months ago
  greenkeeper[bot] 782566227c chore(package): update gulp-postcss to version 8.0.0 (#246) 9 months ago
  Glen Cheney 0e063466a6
chore(package): update autoprefixer to version 9.1.2 (#249) 9 months ago
  Glen Cheney 927c63d567
chore(package): update rollup to version 0.64.1 (#248) 9 months ago
  Glen Cheney b388dc5c54 Lazily test whether computed styles include padding #247 9 months ago
  Glen Cheney 280b2d0e5b Update Google Analytics tracking 10 months ago
  Glen Cheney 5fb244ac25
chore(package): update sinon to version 6.0.1 (#240) 10 months ago
  Glen Cheney 5f06331f99
chore(package): update sinon to version 5.0.6 (#233) 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney 1965840de9 Update code style. 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney 3be38c640d Replace rollup-plugin-uglify with rollup-plugin-terser 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney 5a1cd52513
chore(package): update rollup to version 0.59.1 (#232) 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney 3bf6335afd
Update to node 10 in .travis.yml (#231) 1 year ago
  greenkeeper[bot] 3d241c8106 chore(package): update gulp-sass to version 4.0.0 (#220) 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney bd48543b7c Typo [skip ci] 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney cfe08ca521 Update changelog [skip ci] 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney 1b6d4cae13 5.1.2 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney 29ee0fb6c9 Rebuild with new rollup deps. 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney 381eaadd2b
chore(package): update rollup-plugin-commonjs to version 9.1.0 (#217) 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney cc1197b518
chore(package): update rollup to version 0.57.1 (#216) 1 year ago
  greenkeeper[bot] 34723cf5a7 chore(package): update sinon to version 5.0.0 (#213) 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney f72f57d5c5 Fix misspelled delimiter option #215 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney fdb6205cf0 Update changelog [skip ci] 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney 1c6fe6e967 5.1.1 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney 925252330c Fix new item animation when there is an active filter 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney 9d2f8098f0 Add filters to adding and removing demo. 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney e5daabb781 5.1.0 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney b05ca24bc2 Add npmrc file so that npm version doesn't fail. 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney f5ae0865fc Update mini changelog 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney 47c8ce650c Add es module file. 1 year ago
  Glen Cheney 1f7f8bf06c Bootstrap 4 alpha 6 => bootstrap 4 1 year ago