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style('richdocuments', 'admin');
script('richdocuments', 'admin');
/** @var array $_ */
<div class="section" id="richdocuments">
<?php p($l->t('Collabora Online')) ?>
<a target="_blank" rel="noreferrer" class="icon-info"
title="<?php p($l->t('Open documentation'));?>"
<label for="wopi_url"><?php p($l->t('Collabora Online server')) ?></label>
<input type="text" name="wopi_url" id="wopi_url" value="<?php p($_['wopi_url'])?>" style="width:300px;">
<br/><em><?php p($l->t('URL (and port) of the Collabora Online server that provides the editing functionality as a WOPI client. If you use "" as the host, it will be replaced with the current server name.')) ?></em>
<input type="text" name="wopi_internal_url" id="wopi_internal_url" value="<?php p($_['wopi_internal_url'])?>" style="width:300px;">
<br/><em><?php p($l->t('URL (and port) of the Collabora Online server. This entry will be used for server-side actions.')) ?></em>
<br/><button type="button" id="wopi_apply"><?php p($l->t('Apply')) ?></button>
<span id="documents-admin-msg" class="msg"></span>
<input type="checkbox" class="use-groups-enable checkbox" id="use_groups_enable-richdocuments" />
<label for="use_groups_enable-richdocuments"><?php p($l->t('Restrict usage to specific groups')) ?></label>
<input type="hidden" id="use_group_select" value="<?php p($_['use_groups'])?>" title="<?php p($l->t('All')); ?>" style="width: 200px; display: block;">
<input type="checkbox" class="edit-groups-enable checkbox" id="edit_groups_enable-richdocuments" />
<label for="edit_groups_enable-richdocuments"><?php p($l->t('Restrict edit to specific groups')) ?></label>
<input type="hidden" id="edit_group_select" value="<?php p($_['edit_groups'])?>" title="<?php p($l->t('All')); ?>" style="width: 200px; display: block;">
<input type="checkbox" class="doc-format-ooxml checkbox" id="doc_format_ooxml_enable-richdocuments" <?php p($_['doc_format'] === 'ooxml' ? 'checked' : '') ?> />
<label for="doc_format_ooxml_enable-richdocuments"><?php p($l->t('Use OOXML by default for new files')) ?></label>
<input type="checkbox" class="checkbox" id="enable_external_apps_cb-richdocuments" <?php p($_['external_apps'] != '' ? 'checked' : '') ?> />
<label for="enable_external_apps_cb-richdocuments"><?php p($l->t('Enable access for external apps')) ?></label>
<div id="enable-external-apps-section" class="indent <?php if ($_['external_apps'] == '') p('hidden') ?>" >
<div id="external-apps-section">
<input type="hidden" id="external-apps-raw" name="external-apps-raw" value="<?php p($_['external_apps']) ?>">
<button type="button" id="external-apps-save-button"><?php p($l->t('Save')) ?></button>
<button type="button" id="external-apps-add-button"><?php p($l->t('Add')) ?></button>
<span id="enable-external-apps-section-msg" class="msg"></span>
<input type="checkbox" class="checkbox" id="enable_canonical_webroot_cb-richdocuments" <?php p($_['canonical_webroot'] != '' ? 'checked' : '') ?> />
<label for="enable_canonical_webroot_cb-richdocuments"><?php p($l->t('Use Canonical webroot')) ?></label>
<div id="enable-canonical-webroot-section" class="indent <?php if ($_['canonical_webroot'] == '') p('hidden') ?>" >
<input type="text" id="canonical-webroot" name="canonical-webroot-name" value="<?php p($_['canonical_webroot']) ?>">
<p class="rd-settings-documentation"><em><?php p($l->t('Canonical webroot, in case there are multiple, for Collabora to use. Provide the one with least restrictions. Eg: Use non-shibbolized webroot if this instance is accessed by both shibbolized and non-shibbolized webroots. You can ignore this setting if only one webroot is used to access this instance.')) ?></em></p>