133 Commits (f1b886ef52c4ea6154a4d51e975252032a73abbf)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Lukas Reschke 43ffbf2e97
Uses proper top height 3 years ago
  Lukas Reschke 7ef24654cf
Public editing 3 years ago
  Lukas Reschke 75af90b4f1
Cleanup source code 3 years ago
  Lukas Reschke 62bd261c0b
Remove unrequired "Office" interface 3 years ago
  Pranav Kant ee48a54cbf Pre-light revision history buttons on mouseover and tooltip 3 years ago
  Pranav Kant 05e6ed7e0e Prevent a cramped-up revision history sidebar 3 years ago
  Pranav Kant 4cda46798e Add restore button to the revision history sidebar 4 years ago
  Pranav Kant 0ad50c81ad No horizontal scrollbar in revison history sidebar 4 years ago
  Pranav Kant 50d1b609ba Move exist button to top right of revision sidebar 4 years ago
  Pranav Kant 3235b886ad Add a revision history sidebar 4 years ago
  Andras Timar 6a4870b376 remove unused css 4 years ago
  Pranav Kant bb01949a9a Use new owncloud9 addMenuEntry plugin 4 years ago
  Jan Holesovsky e6593def87 cloudsuite: Add buttons to create new spreadsheet and new presentation. 4 years ago
  Henry Castro 3cb7029a09 cloudsuite: add missing styles for oc dialogs 4 years ago
  Mihai Varga fbe7b6908c cloudsuite iframe, removed a small 1px wide line 4 years ago
  Mihai Varga f9db222605 now the bottom toolbar is visible 4 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk 0f2d32d194 Fix share dropdown 4 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk 4f5f51a085 A pile of fixups 5 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk 7898d5bc31 Add vanilla webodf 5 years ago
  Pascal de Bruijn c6a63f2439 Add Google Crosextra Caladea substitution for Cambria 5 years ago
  Pascal de Bruijn 4d00d7c99a Add Google Crosextra Carlito substitution for Calibri 5 years ago
  Pascal de Bruijn 9c35e9abed Add Google Crosextra Caladea compatibility fonts 5 years ago
  Pascal de Bruijn 3464bfe8f0 Add Google Crosextra Carlito compatibility fonts 5 years ago
  David Prévot 3359db959d Drop useless execution bits 5 years ago
  Jan-Christoph Borchardt 82122ecb2b better style for close button 5 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk 755fa560a7 Place OC controls inside own toolbar as dijit widgets 5 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk cabf831bc9 Zooming with combobox 5 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk 3c34dd3167 Connection lost notice was invisible and misplaced 5 years ago
  Jan-Christoph Borchardt cb126f0a15 move changes from editor.css to style.css 6 years ago
  Jan-Christoph Borchardt 3a03ebc76f correctly position share dropdown 6 years ago
  Jan-Christoph Borchardt 1a58892960 fix save text overlaying close x for shared documents 6 years ago
  Jan-Christoph Borchardt 6d1afe1c14 fix position and style of document and memberlist, get rid of excessive shadows and styling 6 years ago
  Jan-Christoph Borchardt 0fffa7d826 add use icons for close and share buttons, fix position 6 years ago
  Jan-Christoph Borchardt 64ae37a0a1 fix header style to look the same as rest of ownCloud 6 years ago
  Volkan Gezer a2240dbd3e fix logo width 6 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk f1c4721ea0 Fix dropdown and rename 6 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk 04b2ebc780 Move overlay into widget. Fix some quirks 6 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk 05fafb1cf9 First approach 6 years ago
  Morris Jobke 2d63598d34 Improve documents layout & IE fix 6 years ago
  Lukas Reschke a454bf9af3 Add border-radius, remove border-bottom 6 years ago
  Lukas Reschke 530d5dbf13 Make preview bigger 6 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk 927f77149f Logo size 6 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk dec819c893 CSS instead of images. Ref #225 6 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk e75fe08a52 Branding. Closes #225 6 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk edc4ba6efc change input styles. Fixes #223 6 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk f26e107504 No more barrier to enter for guests. Closes #200 6 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk 3470302b01 Fix header regression 6 years ago
  Aditya Bhatt 3cd491a5ef Sync with WebODF e50bc588ff. 6 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk d1aee9fe68 Remove dead code 6 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk 135098167d Remove backward compatibility. It's in core now 6 years ago