56 Commits (18d3498a507f72594a7bc5d1b0436f8cf8cce207)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Morris Jobke 18d3498a50
Add icon to admin page sidebar 3 years ago
  Lukas Reschke 6d046cccf4
Increase version 3 years ago
  Lukas Reschke 719b159a44
v1.1.24 3 years ago
  Lukas Reschke 92a0eed917
Whitelist wopi URL for iframes 3 years ago
  Lukas Reschke 478288f2f0
Increase version 3 years ago
  Lukas Reschke 7ef24654cf
Public editing 3 years ago
  Lukas Reschke 4464726d80
Increase version 3 years ago
  Lukas Reschke 75af90b4f1
Cleanup source code 3 years ago
  Lukas Reschke f304fd4629
New admin pages 3 years ago
  Lukas Reschke d359d1452f
Group restrictions are not supported 3 years ago
  Lukas Reschke 12a873d51d
Link to Nextcloud instead to the ownCloud repo 3 years ago
  Andras Timar d2fa83564c Bump version to 1.1.15 3 years ago
  Lukas Reschke 5ef181a29a
Remove public.php 3 years ago
  Andras Timar db07929380 Bump version to 1.1.14 3 years ago
  Morris Jobke 9ae2dfc029
Update to 11 3 years ago
  Andras Timar a4b60e84cf Bump version to 1.1.13 3 years ago
  Andras Timar f0fd5b2a22 Bump version to 1.1.12 3 years ago
  Pranav Kant a12ff8d0d2 security: Support WOPI's PostMessageOrigin 3 years ago
  Andras Timar 46bd131dbe Bump version to 1.1.10 3 years ago
  Andras Timar 8f0c7d304e bump version to 1.1.9 3 years ago
  Pranav Kant 7e64777f4a Store canwrite property in DB 3 years ago
  Pranav Kant 81e60581e4 Add a db index to access token 3 years ago
  Andras Timar ee1e6388f9 Bump version to 1.1.6 3 years ago
  Andras Timar ccc483e8e8 Bump version to 1.1.5 3 years ago
  Andras Timar 955098c52c Bump max-version to 9.2 3 years ago
  Jan Holesovsky 1d16bf0246 Bump version to 1.1.4, update max-version to 9.1. 3 years ago
  Lukas Reschke aa777cea85 Add more metadata 3 years ago
  Andras Timar 1bfa8d2a9d update name to fit in the app dropdown, for real 3 years ago
  Andras Timar 31ee01520f Bump version to 1.1.3 3 years ago
  Jan-Christoph Borchardt 8b75221ff3 update name to fit in the app dropdown 3 years ago
  Andras Timar 42d1f78f39 Bump version to 1.1.2 3 years ago
  Andras Timar 8ec0138f5d Bump version to 1.1.1 3 years ago
  Lukas Reschke d48d3b4f70 Correct spelling 3 years ago
  Lukas Reschke 6d8b89b949
Name file info.xml directly 3 years ago
  Pranav Kant af16a4cd27 Make me work with owncloud9 3 years ago
  Andras Timar 002d4e6f34 Set ownCloud version compatibility, as of now, 8.2 only 3 years ago
  Andras Timar 8e2ee31a13 Bump version to 0.15.0 3 years ago
  Andras Timar b297367139 Bump version to 0.14.0 3 years ago
  Andras Timar 773b4c8d5e Bump version to 0.9.1 to trigger database update 3 years ago
  Andras Timar b323d9512d internal name: richdocuments, name: Collabora Online, version: 0.9.0 3 years ago
  Ashod Nakashian be97780451 WOPI Token table and database plumbing added 4 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk 447610b260 Fix appid 4 years ago
  Andras Timar 814fb4d182 change app name to CODE 4 years ago
  Jan Holesovsky 7324ec8549 cloudsuite: Minimal branding. 4 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk eacd2b4d10 Raise minversion, update version, put it into info.xml 4 years ago
  Jan-Christoph Borchardt d5402458e8 fix ownCloud version in dependency, fix #558 4 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk a8e1d14622 Add more tags in description and update version 4 years ago
  Victor Dubiniuk 117ead441b Update appinfo to actual state 4 years ago
  David Prévot 3359db959d Drop useless execution bits 5 years ago
  Joas Schilling 766766c8f2 Remove is shipped 5 years ago