20 Commity (master)

Autor SHA1 Wiadomość Data
  Pranav Kant 373ff1adb4 fix travis build 2 lat temu
  Lukas Reschke 9bf62db3aa Add option to enable the app only for users in a specific group (#135) 2 lat temu
  Lukas Reschke 719aed23f6
Remove empty test 3 lat temu
  Pranav Kant 70016ad4de Fix incorrect constructor signature 3 lat temu
  Pranav Kant 11a7819dac Adjust documentcontrollertest 3 lat temu
  Andras Timar b323d9512d internal name: richdocuments, name: Collabora Online, version: 0.9.0 4 lat temu
  Henry Castro 13692a5d3b Request discovery.xml from WOPI client 4 lat temu
  Henry Castro 2d2edffa80 Add initial cache support 4 lat temu
  Victor Dubiniuk 88b66cd10e Fix Travis and more 4 lat temu
  Victor Dubiniuk 447610b260 Fix appid 4 lat temu
  Victor Dubiniuk 61d2a6cb6f Fix test 4 lat temu
  Thomas Müller 64b4d0cd3d No OC_Log 4 lat temu
  Victor Dubiniuk d10c384476 Fix documentCreate test 5 lat temu
  Victor Dubiniuk 9854608bf3 Remove deprecated option 5 lat temu
  Morris Jobke 22dcb6e2e4 define PHPUNIT constant only if not already set 5 lat temu
  Victor Dubiniuk ba9dc2dca9 Remove local env setup script 5 lat temu
  Victor Dubiniuk 8bc55b679a Test create document 5 lat temu
  Victor Dubiniuk 72a5662f59 Let the battle begin 5 lat temu
  Victor Dubiniuk 4330383b95 Add generic test 5 lat temu
  Victor Dubiniuk 9222f71fd7 Add bootstrap and initial phpunit config 5 lat temu