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NotePost is a cloud-based notetaking app.


  • Stay Organized

    • Color-code your notes and use the favorites feature to keep your thoughts together.
  • Lists

    • Keep track of your day by creating checklists. Existing notes can be converted into checklists with a single tap, and items can be marked as done with another tap.
  • Across All Your Devices

    • Your notes are available on everything, thanks to a fast and clean web version. We implemented the Nextcloud Notes API, so most notetaking apps that support Nextcloud will support NotePost. Official desktop and mobile apps coming soon.
  • Exportable

    • Notes can be easily downloaded as Markdown text, HTML, or OpenDocument text (.odt, compatible with most popular office software).
  • Simple Formatting

    • NotePost uses Markdown formatting, a method of showing bold or italic text, lists, headings, and more with plain text. Don't worry about learning Markdown though, you can use the formatting toolbar instead!
  • JavaScript Optional

    • When we said “available on everything”, we meant everything. NotePost will run without JavaScript, and there's a command-line Python app too.