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Add features, system requirements, and login tutorial

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# Portal

Portal is a web application enabling secure self-serve account management. Employees can change their password and manage other web apps they have access to with the dashboard.

## Features

* __Active Directory integration__
* Transparently manages LDAP and local accounts simultaneously.
* __2-factor authentication__
* Use both a password and a device to add an extra layer of security.
* __Easily-extendable dashboard__
* Add additional dashboard widgets with as little as five lines of code, for easy access to and overviews of other applications
* __Modern__
* Portal uses the latest open web technology to provide a seamless, uniform user experience on phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops, from anywhere in the world.

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# System Requirements

Portal is tested and officially supported on the following configurations. Other systems may be supported at our discretion, possibly with a support fee. Portal should work on any sane PHP/SQL based web stack.

* Server Operating System
* Ubuntu 16.04
* 7.0
* 7.1
* Database
* MySQL 5.7+
* MariaDB 10.0/10.1
* Web Server
* Apache 2.4

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# Logging In

1. Go to the address of the Portal server in your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.). This address should be supplied by your IT staff.
2. Enter your username and password.
* Do not enter your email address.
* Passwords are case-sensitive.
3. If you have setup a 2-factor authentication app, Portal will ask you for a code. Open the app on your phone or other device and type the displayed code.
* The code changes every 30 seconds. If you don't submit the code in that time window, it will be considered incorrect and you will have to go back to step 2.
4. You are now logged in.

# Login Troubleshooting
There are some common error messages you may see while logging in. Here's what they mean annd what you can do about them.

* __Login incorrect.__
This means you have entered an incorrect username or password. Try again.
* __Authentication code incorrect.__
The 2-factor authentication code you entered was either wrong or expired. Log in and try again.
* __This account has been disabled. Contact technical support.__
Your account has been marked as disabled by your IT staff. Contact them to resolve the issue.
* __Account terminated. Access denied.__
The user account has been closed by your IT staff. Contact them to resolve the issue.
* __Your account state is not stable. Log out, restart your browser, and try again.__
Your account is not syncronized between the Portal server and the Active Directory domain controller. Log out (if you are logged in), close your web browser, and start over. If you continue to see this error, try clearing your cookies and cache or contact your IT department.
* __You must change your password before continuing.__
Your password has been marked by IT staff as requiring a reset before you can log in.

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