Netsyms for Business

Account and permission manager and security log viewer.

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Single-sign-on and self-serve account management.

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The base template for the Netsyms Business Apps.

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Keep track of the tools you need to do your job.

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SiteWriter is an easy-to-use website builder system.

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An easy point of sale system with automatic inventory tracking.

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Desktop app to enable direct use of receipt printers in web apps.

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Manage tasks, deadlines, and more.

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Painless newsletter creation and mailing list management.

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QwikClock is an employee time tracking app.

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Business Accelerator is a Raspberry Pi-based device that connects to a business LAN. It helps combine the speed benefits of local services with the reliability, availability, and ease of managed cloud services.

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A simple PAM authentication module for authenticating Linux users against the AccountHub API.

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A desktop app for easy, fast access to core Business Apps features.

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Cordova project for building Station for Android.

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Bugs and issues that exist across multiple Business Apps.

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